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mikes05unlimited 05-26-2010 05:06 PM

Obx beach closings?????
Anyone know if you can still drive on the beaches in the outer banks, I heard a rumor a lot of them had been closed due to bird and turtle habitats. I am going there in 2 weeks and taking the Jeep and was wondering. If anyone knows anything let me know. Also are there any trails around there to wheel? Thanks everyone

ashevilleyjmike 06-01-2010 05:01 PM

You can still drive in Carova on the beach and in the roads behind the dunes. We go every year. Good mudholes behind the dunes too. Just stay on the roads, respect the locals and stay very clear of the horses. Read the beach driving rules before going out there...cops patrol regularly. Air down your tires 1 mile down the beach so you don't clog up the beach entrance. Bring a tow strap too.....I pulled a Range Rover out and made $40 LOL.

The southern Outer Banks (Hatteras) has limited beach driving due to the turtle nesting. Carova is much less crowded than Hatteras so I highly recommend it.

Let me know if you have any Q's about driving out there...have fun.

mikes05unlimited 06-07-2010 03:15 PM

Thanks Mike heading up there Friday for a MUCH NEEDED vacation.

jayjay9058 06-07-2010 03:48 PM

Here is a link to see the current beach closings. It has the option to donwload either a PDF or view the accessable beaches in google earth.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore - Current Interactive Beach Access Map using Google Earth (U.S. National Park Service)

you can also go to for updates. I leave saturday to go to hatteras and ocracoke.

mikes05unlimited 06-07-2010 11:14 PM

thanks jayjay

ashevilleyjmike 06-10-2010 08:31 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Thought I'd share some pics of last year's trip to Carova. No Jeeps though. My YJ was still broken down at the time. That's my LR Discovery that I recently sold. Loved driving it....hated spending $ on the damn thing.
Carova is awesome...hope it stays exactly as it is. There is a block on any further development out there, and homeowners are constantly fighting to keep it as is, and open to vehicles. It's very important to drive responsibly out there. The first year or two we were idiots, but have learned to respect exactly how great it is to have a place like that.

ashevilleyjmike 06-10-2010 08:35 AM

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More pics....

mikes05unlimited 06-10-2010 11:41 AM

Funny story.....We had that EXACT LR and sold it because it kept having minor issues that cost WAY too much money to fix!!!! Could probably put a new engine in my LJ for the cost of a light switch for that thing. It was a money pit!!!! But looks nice, we will be up there for a week maybe I'll see ya out there. I'll be driving this........

ashevilleyjmike 06-10-2010 01:02 PM

Wow, love your LJ!
Yes, my beloved DiscoII and I had a love/hate relationship!
I wish I could go out to OBX this year....not going to happen unfortunately. Next year I'll be ready though.

Have fun, go fishing and drink one for me!

drivebytruckerz 06-10-2010 01:10 PM

Cool pics.

ashevilleyjmike 06-17-2010 01:13 PM

You back yet? Got any pics of your trip out there?

mikes05unlimited 06-21-2010 01:08 AM

Got back yesterday, for some reason I am having trouble uploading pictures, When I can work it out I will. Had a blast, I was the only one at the house with four wheel drive so I was the shuttle to see the horses. 9 Adults, 6 children under 10, 4 dogs, but was more than happy to do it. Hadn't had an entire family vacation in almost 10 years so it was amazing. Got some to download, but only the ones of the horses

ashevilleyjmike 06-22-2010 01:19 PM

Nice! Damn I miss that place.

Maybe your pics are too big to upload. I take it you were staying in Corolla or Duck, then shuttling out to Carova?

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