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Screwjack 05-26-2010 09:50 PM

in cab Winch control and solenoid wiring help
When I bought my Jeep it had a warn m8000 winch installed but I didn't test it out. Later when I went to try it (in the driveway thankfully, I wasn't really stuck) I found that it didn't work. After opening up the control box and doing a little looking I found some serious issues. For one, the controller has been modified from the (I think) five pin plug to what looks like a three prong standard electrical outlet plug. The control box its self has several loose wires and a ground wire that looks like it's shorted out. At this point, my plan is to forget about the regular controller and rewire my own solenoid pack and just use the existing in cab switch for the moment. I have an idea how to proceed, but I'd like to check this with somebody.

I ran across this wiring diagram from another jeep site and I've rewired my solenoids for this:

My solenoids are 4 post, not 3 post, but it's my understanding that I can just ground the extra post.

As for the switch, there are existing wires running from it, but since I don't really trust them I'm planning to keep the switches and run new wires to them. My switch set up is similar to most that I have seen, it has one switch for the power and a three way switch (Forward, Off, Reverse). What do I need to know about hooking up those switches that I don't have in this diagram? Also currently there is a ground wire running from the winch to the negative terminal on my battery.

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