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nu arty boy 05-29-2010 06:47 AM

Axle & gearing (again)
OK, here is the back story: Day after Christmas I hit one of those barricades that they install around the pumps at a gas station. The snow was coming down pretty hard and I still had the mud tires on. The result was a busted up driver's side fender, bent axle tube, and broken lower control arm on the driver's side. I left for Afghanistan 3 days later and was planning on fixing the Jeep once I got home for good.

Well, I need something to drive while I am home on leave. Knowing full well that the D35 in the rear needs to be replaced with something else, I have a chance to buy two axles and get the gearing that I need (want). The way I see it, I have two options and I would like to have some opinions...

#1 pull a D30 out of a 97-99 XJ and throw an ARB locker in it after regearing.

#2 pick up one of the "next generation" D44 from MOPAR that comes with 4.10 gearing and an E-locker. This would bolt right in.

But I also need opinions on what to replace the D35 with:

#1 Pull a D44 from a wrecked TJ and regear with a ARB locker
#2 Buy a next-gen D44 from MOPAR (that has the E-locker, 4.10 gears, and bolts right in)
#3 get a D60 from Quadratec/4WD Hardware/ etc. with the gearing and an ARB locker.

There isn't much of a price difference between a brand new D44 and a brand new D60, and money really isn't much of an issue right now. But do I really need a D60 if I am running 33x12.50's? Go with a 33 spline D30 or pick up a D44 for the front? Go with 4.10 gears or 4.56 gearing?

I don't plan on going bigger with this Jeep; I was planning on keeping this one pretty much as is and building another TJ into an AEV Brute once I get back stateside in March.

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