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Slither302 05-29-2010 09:46 AM

Skid Help
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So I bought some river raider skids awhile back. The evap skid went on with no problem. The oil pan skid however is proving to be more difficult:banghead: I talked to kenney at RR and he says I need to put the auto tranny lines on the OUTSIDE of the skid with the supplied bracket.Also in the instructions it says you only need to use the supplied bracket to move the lines if you have an auto AND the tow package. I don't have the tow package but kenney said I need the bracket anyway. He says you bend them by hand to fit. Well I've tried to bend them but have gotten to the point where if I put any more pressure on them I feel like I am going to break them etc. As you can see from the pics they need to be bent quite alot to go on the outside. I can push them to the outsde of the skid but than they are very tight and feel like there is too much pressure on them and I am worried this stress on them would cause a leak etc in the lines. I have called Kenney back and asked for pics because the ones that come with the skid are useless because they have been copied so many times they are too dark to see aything. So anybody have any ideas?

Pic shows passenger side lined up
Attachment 19709

driver side not lining up
Attachment 19710

They seem to fit better inside the skid exceptfor hitting in the rear driver side
Attachment 19711

Attachment 19712

JIMBOX 05-29-2010 10:19 AM

:zap: "OUTSIDE" the skid--good grief, isn't that an accident waiting for a place to happen ???

You should be able to form bend them over several inch's, to make the bend, then just make sure there is cleaarance, so there's no vibration

At worst, you COULD cut them off, at that critical point and put 3/8" heater hose inplace of the steel line

Don't panic, the lines already have rubber hoses at the forward point just before the radiator and the op pressure is so low, the chances of a leak, are minimal--using 1" double hose clamps on each joint

I've done this years ago on one of my Dodge Ramchargers--no leaks

Anyway, I would never put on a xmission skid, then put the fluid lines OUTSIDE the skid--stupid !!

Good luck

:rofl::rofl: JIMBO

Slither302 05-29-2010 01:45 PM

well that was my thought; inside the skid makes more sense so that they are protected. Perhaps there was some confusion in my questions and his answers? I'll be waiting to hear back from him before I procede......

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