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GroundHawg 06-04-2010 06:41 PM

Silly Death Wobble
So I was driving home from work today. I was kind of focusing on the ride because headed to work this morning it just didn't seem right. I thought it being warm and humid played with my tire pressure, thus changing my ride. So I wasn't concerned.

Ok anyway I'm cruising along at like 45. I feel something in the steering wheel so I let it go and I had a mild shimmy. I thought to myself "eh it's not DW yet, I'll let it go. About 5 minutes later an oncoming TJ approaches with it's front tires going nuts like a shopping buggy. I waved and was kind of laughing. Then I start freaking myself out. It must be a sign! Oh nooooo :rofl:

fast forward 10 miles. I'm on the highway now. In my rearview I see this XJ coming up on me fast in the other lane. This guy gets about 5 car lengths in front of me. He hits that transition from pavement to bridge thing and starts wobbling. The car behind him backs off and the car next to him takes off real fast. I'm cracking up. For 1 I laugh when I see DW, let alone also watching everyone run away :rofl: geeze was it funny. I'm laughing just typing this.

Anyway, of course the XJ slows down. Now he's next to me, so I'm like...oh great, he's going to lose it, hit me, and knock us both off the bridge. We're neck and neck coming off the bridge. So I get on it so he isn't next to me when we hit that transition back to road. I forgot about my shimmy. I'm hauling ass going like 75 and I hit that pavement and my steering wheel wents NUTS! I brake hard, get down to like 50, and that XJ flys by me shaking like all hell :rofl: here's the kicker. His girlfriend is in the passenger seat, arms up, and it looks like she is just screaming at him :rofl: he slows to my pace and the driver and I make eye contact. I'm laughing, he's smiling, and his woman is just flipping out yelling:rofl:

I haven't stopped laughing since I started driving today. After I wobbled home I jump on here to type this dumb crap out and laugh more.

Ok I gotta go find my wobble now. I should leave it alone. I makes driving pretty entertaining :rofl:

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