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drag0san1 06-10-2010 01:14 PM

Need help with audio system
I've never wired any audio systems before so bare with me here. I have 2 polk audio 4x6s in my dash, 2 polk audio 6x9s in speaker pods between the rollbar and the wheel well, and an amplifier under the rear seat and I have JVC 50w stereo. My problem is the 6x9s are very staticy but do get signal from the amp, if i adjust the fade on my stereo and turn up the volume significantly I can hear music from the 6x9s. I ran the RCA cables from the stereo to the amp, but the amp has 4 input jacks, and the stereo only has 2. I thought of either just letting the stereo power the 6x9s (but they would be only getting half of their RMS rating) or using speaker wire and RCA jacks to run the input to the amp from the rear speaker wires by wiring two RCA jacks to each line, that way I would use all 4 of the RCA input jacks on the amp. Sorry if this is hard to understand, thanks for any help :)

Jma20a 06-10-2010 04:49 PM

are the rca's run next to the power wire from the headunit? power wires can cause static sounds.

drag0san1 06-10-2010 10:42 PM

No, I ran the RCA cords on the driver's side, with the power cord on the passenger side. But I tinkered with it and figured it out. I just cut my RCA cord in half, wired 2 RCA cords to each Wire (positive and negative wire on the rear speaker wires. The green and purple I believe) and its working now.

Jaydogg25 06-11-2010 09:45 AM

if your radio only has 2 rca outputs you can use a "Y" adapter to split the rca's to go into your amp... i'm assuming you have a 4ch amp..and not a 2ch w/ input & outputs for rca's. are you running the 4x6 & 6x9 off amp? or just 6x9's. if you have a 4ch amp i would run them all off amp.

probably need some more info on system. but here some things to look at.

static can be a number of things..blown speaker(s), pinched rca/speaker wires, engine noise, bad ground. ground "burnt off radio"

by ground burnt off radio what i mean by that is if a amp has a bad ground it will go after next one it finds which is off rca's. that can damage rca's off radio. and there isnt a fix once that damage is done...u can try a "bandaid" by re-adding a ground to rca's but that doesnt help much.

what i would do is:
1) check ground for amp. make sure its to a clean un-painted surface of jeep. i normaly try for less than 18" and use a factory bolt. or i drill a hole throush vehicle and use a nut/bolt combo. i personally hate screws for ground as they can loosen up

2) check rca's make sure no damage.

3) make sure speaker wires are not pinched or touching ground.

a "easy" way to check speakers is by-pass amp and run them off radio..if they play fine then probably safe to assume speakers are fine.

drag0san1 06-11-2010 11:37 AM

All the speakers are working now. I just used the rear speaker wires on the wiring harness instead of using the two RCA ports on the stereo. All my speakers work. I grounded the amp using one of the holes from the rear seat's attach points because its like 4 inches from the amp, and to be on the safe side I sanded about 1 1/2 inches of paint around it so it should be grounded properly. As for the 4x6s they're just running off of the stereo with no amp, would it be a better idea to run them off of the amp as well? And if I did that would the 6x9s get enough power? My stereo says 50W on the face plate, I'll check the book to see if that's 50w RMS or peak per channel.

Jaydogg25 06-11-2010 12:03 PM

the 50w your radio does is maxx power which it a useless rating...true power is probably only 17-20w. i always like a amp bc that allows me to get more power to my speakers, use x-overs to take out the bass and keep it clean @ higher volumes.

if your using a 4ch amp and it says, for instance, 50w rms x4. that means each speaker will get 50w rms.

drag0san1 06-11-2010 01:19 PM

Alright, so if the 4x6 speakers have an RMS rating of 50w and a peak of 150w, and my 6x9s have an RMS of 100w peak of 300w I would get the best quality of sound, and not blow my speakers if I powered them with a 400w or 500w 4 channel amp? I don't know much about audio systems. This is my first time actually wiring my own system. Is there a way to adjust how much power each speaker gets? So if I had a 500 watt 4 channel amp, send 100watts to the 4x6 speakers and then 150watts to the 6x9s?

Jaydogg25 06-11-2010 01:39 PM

you go by the RMS power..ignore Max/Peak.

no matter what people say you can ALWAYS blow speakers. depending on how you set up your system it will help prevent it from happening but not stop it. for instance my system has been going strong for over 7 years.

depending on quality of speakers i would look for a 50x4 (rms) amp...probably no more than 75x4 (rms), since would be pushing it w/ the 4x6 speakers.. make sure you have both a seperate front & rear adjustable x-over. since the 4x6 can't handle any bass and the 6x9 can handle some. if it was my jeep i would x-over the 4x6 speakers between 150-200 htz and the 6x9 down to 80-120 htz. you could go lower on 6x9 but depends on music you listen to and how speakers react.

remember these speakers are mids & highs. they are NOT designed to handle bass. they can handle a little but not alot. if you want more bass look into adding a sub.

there isn't a way to "adjust power" of a amp. the gain is basically a "volume" control. what i do when tuning a system i play some jazz. turn down all gains on my amp. then turn radio volume to 1/2-3/4 volume...never more than 3/4, bc once above there radio will start to produce distortion since @ upper end of volume.. then i adjust my speakers smallest size 1st listening for distortion then once there back it off some then adjust others speakers the same..

i always try to have my speakers set up so not only are they distortion free but you can't tell where sound is comming from..they all blend into each other.

always hated that in a car where u hear rear deck speakers & not front.

drag0san1 06-11-2010 03:08 PM

Okay thanks, I'll look into doing that soon. I like bass, but I don't want to push my speakers and I'm more concerned with just being able to hear it. I'll probably put a sub in there once I get the amp and get the first 4 speakers worked out. Have you tried any of the rear seat sub enclosure projects? What size sub / RMS watt could I get without having the trunk rattling effect?

Jaydogg25 06-11-2010 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by drag0san1 (Post 651692)
Okay thanks, I'll look into doing that soon. I like bass, but I don't want to push my speakers and I'm more concerned with just being able to hear it. I'll probably put a sub in there once I get the amp and get the first 4 speakers worked out. Have you tried any of the rear seat sub enclosure projects? What size sub / RMS watt could I get without having the trunk rattling effect?

i have a full system hidden in my YJ. no rattling. never did rear seat sub. my box was a old JL Audio stealth box, but they quit makin box like 6years ago.
i looked alittle into that rear seat box set up. i'm unsure about it. looks nice bc hidden, need to make sure u have enough air space for sub & depth as well. plus if you plan to have anyone sit back there maynot be too

have to probably ask someone who has done it.

and yes i agree 100%, even tell my customers this, get system sounding good w/ mid's & highs then last thing to add is a sub.

my current set up is:
Door speakers: Memphis 6-1/2" Custom installed
Dash Speakers: Memphis 4x6
Music Bar: JL Audio 4"
JL Audio Stealth box 12w3 (300w)
Amp: Memphis MC-2004 - 50x4

front 2 channels of my amp are on my door/dash speakers, rear 2 channels are bridged on sub. music bar speakers are off my radio.

right now it's great, i can drive on freeway w/ top off etc and still hear everything real good.

now my real test will be later this year when i complete the 350 swap. lol

drag0san1 06-11-2010 04:36 PM

Oh wow, how hard was the custom door speaker install? I've seen pics of people doing it, I thought about it a few times vs replacing the dash speakers. I dont know all the math for the volume a subwoofer needs for the rear seat set up. Heard someone who did it put a 12 in there and had the right amount of volume. I'll look into it some more, but currently my amp is under my rear seat so I would have to move it, and I do plan to once my buddy sends me two mortar ammo cans, gonna mount them on the wheel well next to the rear seat and figure out a way to bolt it down and throw a lock on it. thanks for all the help :D

Jaydogg25 06-11-2010 07:05 PM

what kind of jeep & year?

for my YJ it was real easy since doors are flat...hehe. figure out where i wanted them. removed door pannel to check behind it to make sure no major support. if all looked good marked the door pannel cut it... put pannel back on door marked opening in metal. cut that. now for wires i did use a quick disconnect for when i have doors off.

all in all it was real easy. just be careful when marking and cutting as to not damage anything major

if i remember i'll take a pic and post it.

drag0san1 06-12-2010 11:49 AM

My jeeps a 95 YJ S trim. soft top, half doors with the A frame soft door tops. The only issue I can see running across is cutting too high and hitting the mechanism for the doors locks because the interior door handle is closer to the dash and the outside door handle is located on the outter rear portion of the door towards the back of the jeep. If I do put speakers in the door I'll make sure to put a quick disconnect setup on it as well.

drag0san1 06-14-2010 09:40 PM

Hey Jay, just hooked up the 4x6s to the amp as well as the 6x9s, after meticulously adjusting the gain (dunno how i didn't get the cops called on me rofl) I got it sounding great. Thanks for the help :D

Jaydogg25 06-15-2010 10:09 AM

hehe always fun tuning up a system. sometimes takes a while to get ti correct, that why i do it @ the shop so cops aren't glad to hear everything is sounding great.

just keep a eye out for distortion.

drag0san1 06-15-2010 11:02 AM

I didn't have any problems with distortion, just static, but got it set. As for cops, it was funny because I stopped one driving by and asked about noise discipline, just told me not to have my music blasting for more than 10 minutes, xD. I love phoenix PD.

Jaydogg25 06-15-2010 11:42 AM

nice.. here in ohio they look for a reason to give you a ticket. hell they are trying to pass a law that a cop can give you a speeding ticket by looking as you pass.. basically if they don't have their radar on they can guess you were goin fast and ticket you.

drag0san1 06-15-2010 02:18 PM

Now that's serious bull. We drive jeeps! wranglers even! when was the last time a wrangler was in a high speed persuit? Getting my YJ to 55 is always an adventure. We're more capable of destroying someone's backyard vs speeding. I rarely get tailed by cops for more than 30 seconds.

imowt 07-08-2010 09:34 PM

I have never installed an amp before. I purchased one off ebay for like 30 bucks. Its used but I figured it was worth a shot, since the price was right. I cant remember off hand if it was a 2 ch or 4 chm but does anyone know the rough layout of an amp. There are rca jacks coming from the radio, that are on the floor. NOW WHAT? lol
well let me ask this ... Anyone know where to put it? I looked a little and have no idea where it should go.

Jaydogg25 07-09-2010 10:32 PM

1) power wire from battery to amp. make sure you have a fuse w/ in about 18" of battery to protect your jeep. and run through fire wall or factory gromet.

2) ground wire as short as you can from amp to a clean, un-painted surface. i normaly look for a factory bolt and if i cant find one i drill and make my own....i HATE the multi screw grounds they always fail.

3) remote wire & rca's from aftermarket radio to amp. if you have factory radio you will need some more parts and little harder (depending on how good you are)

4) wires from amp to speakers your powering.

thays quick version hope it helps :)

drag0san1 07-10-2010 02:08 AM

Where to place your amp depends on allot of things. I myself have a 200 dollar amp so I wanted mine out of sight so it wouldn't be an easy snatch and grab for when my tops down. So I put my under my rear seat. That also eliminated having to drill a place for the ground cable, I just sanded the area around the bolt on the frame clean of paint and twisted the end of the ground wire, made a loop in the end and stuck the bolt through it and tightened it back down. That way the weight of the rear seat prevents the ground from randomly coming loose from vibration. Other places are in the "Trunk" area if you even want to call it that, under either driver or passenger seats. The console area, on top of either wheel well beside the rear seat, obviously you would want to put it in some form of box with ventilation so no one could steal it. Its up to you, just find enough space in your rig where your amp is centrally located between speakers, your stereo, and not too far from a grounding location.

imowt 08-23-2010 09:19 PM

Let me ask you guys this
Wjat do you think about putting a component system in? Like instead of a pair of 6.5" 2 or 3 ways in the sound bar and a modified (cut out to fit 5" round) front speakers and adding like a 6.5" base or mid range(sound bar) with the crossovers and tweeters in the front powered bu a decent amp. Woulld anyone know if this is a good idea? if so any recomendations? What to look for in the sound bar speakers? RMS rating and amp size? etc. This is my first install and looking to experiment a little with the sound bar and amp ...Thanks

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