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aenima540 06-13-2010 06:45 PM

Rampart Range, Colorado First Time :)
So yesterday me and a couple friends decided to go to the mountains and find a trail to take my jeep on. This was my first time out and it was kind of foggy and rainy all day, anyways I only have a couple pics that i shot when i was stopped with my phone, no camera :( and one that my friend tried to take out the window while we were driving through the woods. Next time I go up there I'll take a picture of the sweet hill I went up that I was super proud of :)

here's the three for now sorry for them being super :9lame:

stopped to take a break from driving

long muddy road on the way to where I finally discovered a real trail for my jeep :)

here's the one my friend took, i kinda like the way it looks but next time there will be many more pics :)

JDsDream 06-13-2010 07:00 PM

Nice shots. At least you got out there and played a little.

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