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Mclaughlin_1234 06-16-2010 04:59 PM

Misfiring Question
Alright this is gonna be a long one...Please read

So the past couple mornings ive been getting up for work and when i start up my 2004 I6 it would be very rough, But as soon as i touch the gas it would go back to normal with a little choppyness. So when im driving its fine. So this morning i get up and the check engine light is on, So i pull the code and it says im missfiring out of my 6th cylinder.So i imedatly drive to autozone buy plugs,gaped them perfectly and then put it in. Now i start up my jeep and it starts right up but the engine light is on,Now im thinking to my self crap forgot to disconect the battery,so i do that and the light obv goes away,ive driven about 20 miles now and it hasnt come back on,but my rpms are fine when im at a stop but my exhaust sounds like i have an agressive came in it or something,What should i do,should i stop driving it? sorry for my spelling!

Indy 06-16-2010 05:27 PM

I think your TPS might be going bad. Does it still sound like that at higher RPMs? If not, then you it should be safe to drive it around.

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