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eddiepetty 06-20-2010 07:48 PM

'92 YJ Brake Lighr Switch...FOLLOW-UP. previously stated:

"The brake light switch suddenly failed (and verifiedd with my Fluke!!).

How on earth do you get your hands on the switch to remove it??? (Not to mention the accumulated under-dash rust on the locking nut and bracket)

Additionally, according to my factory manuals, there are four contacts within the switch, one pair normally open and the other closed. The N.O. pair are for the brake lights (again verified by fluke) but the N.C. pair puzzle me. The schematics within the manual only show the switch within a bubble and not connected to the main harness. Anybody got a clue what the N.C. pair are for?? All other lighting works quite well (No A/C nor cruise).

TIA...Ed in 'ol Virginny (and make the removal process simple 'cause this 62 y.o. 'taint as limber as I once was)

I found the easiest way to access and remove the switch was to remove the driver's seat and support, un-clip the main wiring harness connector on the underside of the steering column and swing it out of the way, lie on your back in the former seat position and rest your head in the pedal area. The switch is retained in a spring clip with an anti-rotation tab tucked up inside the formed sheetmetal channel sorrounding the steering column. The switch is simply pulled rearward to free it from the clip. A gentle pry with a screwdriver assist in freeing the switch The four-pin connector has one release tab.
The brake lights are switched by the PINK and WHITE leads: the cruise control (if equiped) is interrupted by the BLACK and WHITE with PINK tracer leads.
With the switch on the workbench, I could still not achieve continunity across the PINK and WHITE leads. I opened the switch and found oxidiation on all contacts and an accumulation of crud throughout the enclosure. A quick cleaning of the contacts and all switch functions are now normal.
The re-installation is simple: just push the switch into the sheetmetal clip until the button contacts the brake pedal arm, connect the four-pin plug and reinstall interferences.

FWIW....Ed in 'ol Virginny

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