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clerks37 06-23-2010 04:36 AM

89 YJ Hard Top Back Glass Question
I just bought a 89 hard top off a guy and found that they had replaced the glass with plexi-glass. Personaly I am not a fan of how this is setup.

I looked at the replacement glass for the tailgate and on Quadratec it lists the 90-95 only.

I looked on ebay and a guy is selling multiple auctions of this same glass but says it will fit all of the YJ hard tops not just the 90-95.

I wanted to find out if this is accurate. From what I read on the auction site the only difference is the hole for the rear wipper which he suggested just getting a rubber plug for. Is this guy telling the right thing? Or is he miss informed about the product he is selling?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Fweaky 06-23-2010 06:35 AM

Yes, it should fit 87-95

OrangeJeep 06-23-2010 10:42 AM

Just as Fweaky said it should fit, but if you still don't feel good about it you can always ask the seller :P

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