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phantomphixer 06-25-2010 11:27 AM

Bestop Wraparound Windjammer Install
Had a problem installing both the Wraparound Windjammer and the Duster Deck together. They don't fit together. Here's the problem and the fix. You must cut slits in the Wraparound due to the fact that they both use the same sport bar attachment spot, the Wraparound must go under the Duster deck attach strap. I spoke with Bestop this am and here's what I got:
1 Cut two slits (each end)on the Wraparound using a hot knife/soldering iron(up & down) Material is coated with vinyl so it will melt/seal.
2 Apply superglue to the material above and below each slit end.
3 Pass the straps for the Duster deck thru and attach.
4 Bestop will send you material swatches to glue into the inside to help prevent fraying, all you need to do is call them.

I also spoke to them about the rubber anti fray spots that you have to slit (where the bows attach for the soft top) and they're trying to get me the info on what that is and if we can get it.

I have a Safari top on mine and it shades the rear window.

Pros: Cools faster- Looks good-fits good except above item-seals well
Cons: Noisier-seats only recline slightly

Need to install new Sport Bar Wraps. Suspect cloth ones will dry rot rather quickly.

Found best price and free shipping at JC Whit.

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