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1992wranglersahara 01-20-2007 09:02 PM

Just Testing

skeeter 01-20-2007 09:08 PM

It worked now lets go get em!!!!

tiny terror 01-20-2007 09:14 PM

Is this where we come to take the test?

skeeter 01-20-2007 09:15 PM

Yes maam, if you didn't bring your own pencil just take one from the box and have a seat.

tiny terror 01-20-2007 09:18 PM

What class is this again? Am I dreaming? Everyone's in their underwear.....

skeeter 01-20-2007 09:23 PM

Sex ed, now take off your blouse and we can get started

tiny terror 01-20-2007 09:24 PM

Blouse? What the hell is that?

(I'm telling Amy and she's going to hit you on the back of your head. :D)

skeeter 01-20-2007 09:27 PM

oh crap!!! look, something shiney

tiny terror 01-20-2007 09:36 PM

shiny doesn't work on me.... AMY!!!! Skeeter hit me with a rock!!!

Scout 01-20-2007 09:40 PM

Keep it on topic.

Test 1,2,3. Test 1,2,3

tiny terror 01-20-2007 09:41 PM

Oh shut your waffle hole, on-topic boy. :p

amy 01-20-2007 09:45 PM

Don't make me come up there, I'll git to whoopin on all o y'all!
Well, not Patrick. He's bein good. Welcome to WF, Patrick. :D

tiny terror 01-20-2007 09:52 PM

Come on!! I wasn't doing anything. It was Skeeter. He did it. And Scout.

amy 01-20-2007 10:02 PM

Uh huh, like I haven't heard that before. :p

binaryking 01-21-2007 02:21 AM

where's the cup i'm supposed to pee in?

whiteyj 01-21-2007 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by Simple Scout (Post 47396)
Keep it on topic.

Test 1,2,3. Test 1,2,3

Shhhhhhhhh, It's the coppers are here (well the Sheriff anyway).

BILLYWALTON 01-21-2007 08:27 PM

Im Off Duty Right Nowcan I Join The Class??

whiteyj 01-21-2007 08:30 PM

Yes, but it's still Skeeters fault!

tiny terror 01-21-2007 08:31 PM

gimme your lunch money.

daddyjeep 01-23-2007 12:23 PM

I don't have mommy packed me a peanut butter and jelly

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