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jeeprph 06-27-2010 09:27 PM

??? Running 35's without regearing
I know alot of people will say that it is not good to do but I do not want to void warranty and would like to run 35's. Regearing may be in future but not now. I am talking about 35's on a 2010 JK sahara unlimited (373 gears) with TF lift. Would like input from anyone running this and experience. I know that is what blaster runs and his rig is exactly what I am going for. Other pictures and experiences would be appreciated.

CruserBruiser 06-27-2010 09:37 PM

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Couple of things. First your warranty might be voided if you lift your vehicle, and since your planning on running 35's your gonna have to lift it. Not getting into the voided warranty discussion notice I said MIGHT. Next running 35's without regearing is completely tolerable as long as you get the superchips tuner. I would say regear if you wheel a lot or you live in hilly-mountainous terrain. I run 35's with 3:73 gears and superchips 93 octane and dont plan on regearing anytime soon.

thaduke2003 06-27-2010 09:50 PM

Try a search- best results, as this one has been beaten to DEATH. Forum troll strikes, yet again! :)
Next up- say hello to 10 MPG if you don't re-gear. Unless that's 3.73's and a 6-speed. If so, 12-13 if you're lucky. And kiss 6th goodbye!
Either way, I would NOT recommend it. When you re-gear, you're only voiding the warranty on the axle parts, most of which you're replacing anyway. If you MUST run 35's, I'd recommend going for it. Otherwise, 33's will go fine with your 3.73's. Either way, get a Superchips programmer. It'll make life a bit more livable, increase fuel economy, and add a few monkeypower- Mark W.

GroundHawg 06-27-2010 11:41 PM

i agree with everything being said. i'm running 35's, but i've got 4.10's. with a superchip, i have no plans on ever gearing lower.

i wouldn't be suprised if the 35's themselves dont void the axles. wheelin' my jeep stock i never broke anything. with 35's, i've broke a u-joint and ball joint. i wheel like an idiot though. my jeep leaves earth more than most due to my heavy foot, but still. something to consider.

you NEED a lift in addition to other suspension components to run 35's. this will probably void the drivetrain and most suspension parts.

3.73 is really pushing it. with my 4.10's and chip, i have good power, but my MPG is like 12-13. i'm wheeling alot, and if i kept it on the street i'm guessing it'll be 15-16 maybe.

i too would reccomend 33's. with proper trimming, no lift is required. i doubt the dealer would b*tch about 1" over stock tire size either, and you'll see better MPG's. 33's will go places 35's will, it just takes a little more finesse. i like monster trucking everything. i bought my jeep used, and i had 4.10's. no warranty, good gears, D44 rear end, i had nothing holding me back. even MPG i could care less about. it's a jeep. i expected shitty gas mileage when i bought her.

my advice...get 33's. if you wheel, get a trans cooler, gusset your C's on the front, buy some plates and armor, get a superchip, and save up for a nice lift. by this time, you'll need new tires, and be out of warranty...and you're set up for the 35's just in time. :D

ZBoater 06-28-2010 12:18 AM

I too am running 35s on 4.10s (auto) and am not in a hurry to regear.

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