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Image Group 06-29-2010 09:28 PM

Or fab tire carrier
Thinking of buying an OR FAB Tire Carrier??? Read this first!

OR FAB tire carrier caused my Jeep tub to tear and was damaged by their product. It was installed by professionals I had a 35" tire with Gerry Cans (Which I kept empty) and a HiLift Jack. These are within spec according to them. The corner on my passenger side developed a crack from the stress of the carrier. I don't get off road much which surprised me. It eventually became a tear and was a major hazard. I took it to a fab shop and when they removed it, it was worse than we had thought. I contacted OR FAB and the guy was pretty cool at first. He asked me to send photos which I did and described exactly what I had on the carrier. I even sent pics with the carrier on my Jeep. After that ... NOTHING!! Won't return emails and phone calls. These guys do not stand behind their product. I talked with a few other Jeep owners that had the same problem.

Beer30 06-29-2010 09:31 PM

Good to know, as I'll be in the market for one soon. Thanks!

Image Group 07-02-2010 07:58 PM

Fellow Jeepers I'm asking you to spread the word. I told them I would out them publicly if they didn't respond and they seem to think one voice can't do any damage. Please I have been JEEPing my whole life and I'm on my 5th JEEP. Of all the rebuilds, mods and after market products I've gone through I've never had a company blow me off this bad. If it were just me I'd lick my wounds and move on but I have been to other JEEP sites and forums and chatted with others who've been taken by these guys with the same damage. I know it's not your fight but I'm just asking for you to spread the word. Thanks all and if you have a beef with a vendor or manufacture hit me up I'll do the same.

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