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blizzy 06-30-2010 06:55 PM

Major audio upgrade tips for TJ -06. Put speakers where?
I just got my new TJ 2006 and I'm super stoked! Problem is, it's only equipped with the stock stereo and speakers.
To compare with, I've got a 1992 YJ with 2x 10" subwoofers in the trunk, 4-channel amp, 2x 6x9" midrange custom mounted in the back and 2x 5,25" custom mounted in the front. The sound is awesome, people turn their heads when I'm pretty far away :p
So, I want my TJ to sound the same! But I haven't really figured out where to put the speakers yet. My major concern is theft, so I'd like to keep the looks discreet.

Since the TJ has got a sound bar I could use that for the smaller speakers. And I guess the only place to put some 10" or 12" subwoofers would be in the trunk.
But where can I fit two large tri-way speakers, say 6x9" where they're fairly hard to spot?
I've heard about people putting speakers underneath the back seats but I can't find any pics of it.

Also I need to figure out what to do with the stereo. I like to discreet looks of the stock unit but I guess it's too weak to power my system. I think an aftermarket unit stands out too much when it's mounted in the dash, is there an easy way to mount it the center console instead?
I usually control everything from my iPhone so I don't really need to look at the stereo unit anyway.

Any help is appreciated, I don't wanna be stuck with the dull stock setup. Some pictures of how others have done it would be great as well! :punk:

Jma20a 06-30-2010 08:20 PM

there really isn't any way to keep a nice system "out of sight". for speakers in the roll bar you can fit a set of 6 1/2" speakers in that are just as loud as a 6x9. i think the under seat speaker you are talking about is when people but "shallow mount" subs in the bottom of the rear seat.

i have a set of infinity kappa perfect components in the roll bar and in the dash, i have a pioneer headunit. i removed the rear seat and put in a bestop extendatrunk for a more secure area to keep my stuff in, i put in a single 12" DVC 4ohm Incriminator Audio lethal injection sub in a ported box and a MB Quart DSC 1500.1D amp, 0/1 gauge power and ground cable, along with the "big three" wire upgrade with 0/1 gauge wire, 4 farad cap.

as for pics all i have on photobucket right now is a shot of my roll bar setup, i'll try to get some pics of the sub setup, wire setup, amp, and headunit.

Zetsumei 06-30-2010 08:25 PM

I can fit two 10" Subs in my trunk. I'll take some pics soon. Have you looked in to the Sony Xplod Slim series subs? They have 10" and 12" slim subs for small areas. I currently only have one in right now though.

4Jeepn 06-30-2010 08:43 PM

I can solve all this in one easy step.... put the top down...enjoy.

Jma20a 06-30-2010 08:56 PM


Originally Posted by Zetsumei (Post 673720)
I can fit two 10" Subs in my trunk. I'll take some pics soon. Have you looked in to the Sony Xplod Slim series subs? They have 10" and 12" slim subs for small areas. I currently only have one in right now though.

i hate having to repeat my self on this forum, specifically in the audio threads.

SONY IS, for lack of a better word, CRAP!!!!!!!!

the speakers i have in my soundbar have more bass than those.

Zetsumei 06-30-2010 10:17 PM

Lol well you get what you can budget lol. I only went with the Xplod subs because they're slim and save some space. When you're 17 you don't have the money to get the good stuff =)

blizzy 07-01-2010 04:19 AM

Hey thanks for the info!
I guess the 6 1/2 and 5 1/4 in the factory mounts are the easiest places where they're fairly hidden. But I'd really like to find a way to mount some nice 6x9's where they're not totally exposed too. I was thinking of maybe building a custom trunk shelf in the back like "normal cars" have or putting them under the back or front seats or something but I havn't really found a good place for them yet.
On my current setup I put the amp under the seat which is a good hiding spot put pretty lousy for air purposes, I ended up overheating it a couple of times until I installed two 80mm fans under the seat as well.

By the way, what about the speaker mount in the center console. Has anyone found anything clever to do with it?

Jma20a 07-01-2010 06:53 AM

go through this link, there are enclosures that are out of the way.

blizzy 07-01-2010 07:02 PM

I got to admit, after using the stock stereo with an FM transmitter I'm surprised about how good it sounds, even though it's stock! I'm missing the low sub bass sound but the center console sub woofer is fairly good.
I'm considering keeping some of the stock parts and focus on replacing the stereo unit so I can connect a iPhone with 3,5mm jack and an amp for my 10" base for the trunk.

Does anyone know where to find a wiring schematics for the stock stereo unit so I can figure out how everythings connected (so I can reconnect it properly to an aftermarket stereo unit).

For those who have swapped the stock speakers (dash and soundbar) for aftermarket ones, how big of a difference did it make? My stock ones sound fairly good from the start so I'm thinking it might not be worth buying new ones....

Jma20a 07-01-2010 07:14 PM

when you get a new headunit they make wire harnesses to adapt to the factory harness, all color coated.

and it makes a very big difference in sound quality to replace the factory ones, and a headunit will make the sound even better. but don't skimp out on them, low end stuff is the same as the factory unit and speakers and possibly worse.

blizzy 07-02-2010 10:25 AM

Alrite. Does the sub in the center console use RCA or is it connected on the wire harness as well? Is there an amp for that sub too?
I wonder because I want to connect both the stock center console sub and my aftermarket RCA ones in the trunk.

So what I need for this build is the headunit, wire harness for TJ 2006 and a dash mount frame for TJ 2006 to fit my aftermarket headunit in the original stereo hole.
Anything else?

Jma20a 07-02-2010 03:03 PM

yeah you need the harness and dash kit for the install of the headunit.

the factory sub on the console is not connected with rca's. its a harness that goes to the factory unit, best off just having a sub on the back.

blizzy 07-02-2010 03:50 PM

I was thinking about getting an ISO adapter instead of a wiring harness so I don't need to splice wires etc (plus it's a little less ghetto). But I can't seem to find any conclusive answers to which adapter I need. Since I need to find one in Sweden I thought that it would be best to figure out which one I need first by searching on american sites but it seems like different shops say different things.
Some recommends a Chrysler 01-present ISO, some say there are specific ones for the Wrangler and even taking the manufacturing year (2006) and trim (Sahara) in mind...

Jma20a, are you saying I shouldn't plugin the stock subwoofer in the center console?

Jma20a 07-02-2010 04:29 PM

not if you are adding a sub(s) in the rear, it will just get drowned out.

blizzy 07-02-2010 06:16 PM

It seems like the ISO-cables are different if the stereo is "amplified" or "non-amplified" (which I guess means if the stock stereo is connected to an amplifier, which my 2006 Sahara Ed. should be considering the subwoofer in the center).
The only amplified cable I can find on ebay though is for <2005 and costs about 3 times more then the other non-amplified ones....
Given you install an aftermarket headunit and you still want to keep the 5 stock speakers, how would the center sub be connected with DIN? I thought DIN only had 8 pins for power and 8 pins for speakers (FR+/-, FL +/-, RR +/-, RL +/-.. eight in total)). Where does the amplified center sub go?

This is really getting more and more confusing!

Jma20a 07-02-2010 06:45 PM

not sure how its wired in, i own a '99 and they didn't have that option at the time

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