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s3nt3nc3d 07-08-2010 12:37 AM

Zone Offroad 4" Lift
I couldn't find a thread specifically on this...just bits and pieces scattered everywhere so I'll go ahead and start one.

Due to being on a tight decision to go with the OME 2.5" lift has kinda gone out the window. Plus I want a lil more lift I think...

So I'm looking at the 4" lift by Zone Offroad that is inexpensive and seems to be highly recommended for those on a budget.

I emailed them the following question and received an answer to it recently and wanted to know if those of you running the lift have found it to be pretty dead on...


Hi Dave,
I'm interested in purchasing the Zone 4" lift for an 02 TJ and was wondering what is the likelihood of having to install a slip yoke eliminator due to the driveshaft angles being too steep on my Jeep? I know most of the folks on the Jeep forums say at 4" of lift, you really need to install an SYE (t-case lowering just can't solve the problem from that much of a difference) and was wondering what you folks have done with your kit to prevent it from being necessary? Most of the folks on WranglerForum talk very highly of your kit...but really don't specify whether they had to install an SYE or not.


Great question Josh,

We have had excellent success with the stock shafts with our 4" lift on the TJ's so I would expect you to have the same success. What's the difference with our kit? We added pinion cam locks that rotate the pinion and help lessen the angle on the u-joint at the axle. The transfer case drop lessens the u-joint angle at the transfer case. Other companies normally just do a transfer case drop and when we tried this during our testing, we did have a vibration so it doesn't surprise me guys are saying you must have one if they have one of these other kits. I hope this helps clear this up.


Zone Offroad
I'm also curious what you folks think as to...if I were to add a 1.25" BL plus a 1" MML, think I could then eliminate the t-case drop without vibes? With a lift that high, would I need to extend brake lines or anything else or is that primarily just needed with high body lifts?

Other thoughts?

distortedtj 07-08-2010 01:32 AM

He states T-case drop...hence the less need for a SYE. ;)

I know you've read plenty on t-case drops here on the forum so I won't go into alot of deal on it. Personally...I'd get the SYE and not worry about leaving my belly hang lower.
A 1'' mml isn't nearly enofe to eliminate the t-case drop at 4'' lift.
For more detailed info on the kit send jdhallisy a pm He runs the kit and likes it.

FYI...Zone is owned and produced by BDS suspension.

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