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OffRDer 07-08-2010 12:20 PM

05 Hardtop wiring install...NEED HELP ASAP
Ok i have an 05 Wrangler and i just bought an 02 hardtop, bought a wiring kit made for and 02 hardtop (thats how mopar instructs it to be ordered, which doesnt should right at all. Must order according to year of Hard Top.) got about 60% through the wiring job and hit a freaking wall :banghead:... The wires in box 21 have the wrong pins that dont fit into the connectors in box 22... same problem at box 24 and box 25, also some other wires and colors dont match up... now yes im sure this isnt the correct harness:doh: for my impossble 05-06 wired wrangler, but its too late to remove and return this harness, i bought it brand new on ebay for $16 shipped.... and I have EXTRAORDINARY wiring skills and abilities :zap: and the entire schematic for my jeep so im going to make it work.:crash: My question is has anyone ran into this problem on an 03-06 wrangler and have some helpful insite on what they did to fix this? ive been searching and the only things ive found is people wiring 02 and older hardtops, or trying to put an 03 hardtop on an 02 or older....

Neil F. 07-08-2010 10:10 PM

Sorry you realized too late. You need the kit for the year of the Jeep the get an adaptor or make one to plug into the top. The underdash wiring has changed. I put the 03 kit in my 03 Jeep. I'd get the instryction for the 03+ kit and see what you can figure out. Quadratec has the instructions for the 03 kit.

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