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1991 Wrangler YJ Renegade 07-10-2010 06:04 PM

problem after problem...
well, have had the YJ for about 3 or 4 months now... and I have been coming up with one problem after the next... I love the jeep to pieces (literally right now), so I will always fix whatever problem she is having, but I mean c'mon! Gimme a chance to get some more cash before stuff like this happens! in the last 3 months or so here is my list of damages

1. brakes locked up, so had to replace ALL brakes
2. while working on brakes found that brake lines were rusted out so replaced those
3. also found out that rear axle was, lets say, sub-par. so replacing that soon
4. had to replace the radiator after it leaked and caused the engine to overheat
5. needs a new gear synchronizer because i can't, for the life of me, go into 3rd or 4th gear without them grinding even the slightest bit
6. I have to replace all 5 tires here soon because they almost caused me to get into a very bad accident because they are almost bald
7. needs a new gas tank because this one leaks
8. need a new fuel pump because this one doesn't work and sometimes causes my engine to sputter and even stall at cases
9. need a new alternator because my battery constantly goes dead and will not keep a charge
10. need a new battery for that matter too

and i'm sure there are a couple things I am forgetting

and not to mention all of the other cosmetic/utility things I have done to it
1. bed lined the interior
2. seats were horrible so nice new seat covers
3. new center console
4. some security upgrades
5. a CB
6. new mirrors so I can be legal

and other little stuff...

well, I am done griping! Just needed to blow off some steam to people who understand. I still love the jeep, and I will continue to fix her till she's like new again!

but all this takes quite the toll on a 16 year old's pocket change... I am taking donations people! LOL! Just kidding!

But no, seriously guys.... :) :rofl:

JeepStrangler 07-10-2010 06:13 PM

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Well Welcome to the life of a jeep owner. Your luandry list looks a lot like mine did, THUS my user name JeepStrangler cause that that is what it did to me at first and continues to do. The good news is that once you get all the little quirks worked out you will enjoy it much more, but it will still suck the money out of you casue your going to want to upgrade or add one thing or another. So I guess what im saying is ENJOY

Tarby 07-10-2010 10:27 PM

x2 on that JeepStrangler...Get used to "enjoying" your jeep. I "enjoy" mine so much that I had to have, and still have, after building my '95 YJ, a '93 YJ, a '72 CJ5, and just in the last year, a '97 TJ. Each one has a to-do list that will zap my pockets dry...but you just have to go about it slowly...I'm broke, but I'm having fun...

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