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terminator012 07-11-2010 08:43 PM

2010 JK Subwoofer question
This is my second post, my first was in the wave forum. I have been a 4-wheeler all my life, mostly Ford pickups. I took the jeep plunge 3 months ago and bought a 2003 yellow wrangler. My wife loved it so much she went and traded her Expy for a new 4-door version.

They give us a 500 dollar gift card for accessories. The total cost for their subwoofer with 65.00 dollar installation fee is going to cost an extra 265.00 for us after the 500 dollar card.

There are other subs with amps out there for a lot less.

My question is, are the wires all ready back there for this hookup. If the dealer is only charging 65 for installation I figure they are there.

Their accessory program has all the prices jacked up but I gotta spend 500 by Wednesday or loose it.

Thanks in advance.

AzTJ 07-11-2010 08:46 PM

It probably depends on what stereo it came with. It may be pre-wired at the head-unit but the wires may need to be ran to the back for the sub. I'd first figure out if the stock headunit has Pre-AMP RCA outs, and if it does, do it yourself since it will be super easy. Spend that $500 on something else for the Jeep. Maybe something cosmetic.

terminator012 07-11-2010 08:56 PM


Originally Posted by AzTJ (Post 684904)
I'd first figure out if the stock headunit has Pre-AMP RCA outs,

How would I find this out. Can it be determined without removing radio

AzTJ 07-11-2010 09:36 PM

Not that I know of, some JK owners might know though.

guygettnby 07-12-2010 05:49 AM

the only way i know of doing it is to pull out the radio. its not to hard to do and there are several write ups out there showing you how to do it. what radio do you have in your jeep right now?

now on too my opinion.... i say spend the mopar bucks on something else for the jeep. if you still want a sub then go after market! save money and get a real setup that is 100 times better!!! i wasted the money on the stock infinity sytem and i am now replacing it all with after market. i am going with all alpine type R's in my jeep. you can however go cheaper if you want but im big on SQ and alpine delivers this for a good price. there are also a few sites online that you can order your stero equipment for great prices and install them yourself to save even more money.

banditman 07-13-2010 03:51 PM

Here is the installation PDF from Quadratec...

MOPAR 77KICK24 - MOPAR® Kicker Single 10" Subwoofer with 200 Watt Amplifier for 07-10 Jeep® Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK - Quadratec

Droelle 08-04-2010 02:15 PM

Sorry terminator012 not to highjack your thread but I'm in the market to put some subs in my 2010 2 door jk. Beings that there's not much room I'm kinda limited to where I can put the subs I was kinda wondering if there was anyway or anybody that makes boxes to fit under the front 2 seats? 08-04-2010 03:19 PM

None of the Wranglers come prewired for the subwoofer. You have to wire it in yourself or pay to have it done.

SLIM_SNOOPY 08-05-2010 11:38 AM


HUUMMMM, When I was working on my 2010 2 Dr Sport, I noticed when pulling out the carpet away from the rollbar in the rear " Right side" , there was a 4 conductor white plug not connected to anything. Noticed there was one wire a lot bigger than the other, almost for a pre-amp or something. If not for the pre-amp, than ???.

Sorry no pics, but if you roll back the carpet right where the hardtop sits on the body near the rollbar, you will see the connector I am indicating.

I already tried getting the Mopar Service book for my 2010 JK Wrangler, but not out yet.


:flipoff: SLIM_SNOOPY :flipoff:

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