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small3687 07-14-2010 10:54 PM

First Time vehicle Buyer Looking For Advice Please
Hi everyone, first of all thanks for taking some time to read what I have written here. I'm a 23 year old who has never owned his own car before and vowed a long time ago to make his first purchase a Wrangler. I'm saving and I don't think I will have enough money to truly think about getting a Jeep for at least another ten weeks but as I have never purchased a vehicle of any kind before I was hoping to get some advice from those more experienced then me. I have no idea what would be a good deal for a Wrangler of a given make or model or how high or low mileage should factor into my decision making.

If anyone could provide some examples, real or hypothetical scenarios I could run into and maybe some reasons behind why the deal would be good or bad I'd really appreciate it. Heres an example of what I was hoping for in terms of advice:
An 06 Sahara edition with a hard and soft top that has 70,000 miles on it and avg rusting a busted stereo but the engine runs well at 12,000 is a fair price to a good buy. It's fair because the Sahara's tend to last for X amount of miles or X amount of years. Yeah the radio being busted sucks but as long as you check X on the engine and Y isn't an issue then you should be in good shape. Watch out though for X and Y on the Saharas though and maybe look at Z on the Wrangler just be X isn't an issue.

I made that up off the top of my head so please don't be offended if what I have placed makes zero sense. Feel free to correct me I'm here to learn.

I'd like to get a deal on a Jeep but what I'm truly concerned with is preventing myself from having a bad first vehicle purchase experience. I don't have a lot of money and this is a big deal for me getting my own Jeep. I won't lie, I'm very nervous and excited about the whole thing but I don't really have anyone to turn to on advice regarding this sort of thing. I'm in the Derry PA area and i'm hoping some knowledgable people won't mind me picking their brains. I'm just starting my research into looking for a Jeep and I'm trying to keep my options real open. What I'm really looking for though bottom line no matter what is getting a good solid Wrangler that can last me for a good 6 years and can handle a cross country journey as moving out to California is a possibility for me someday. Thanks in advance!

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