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KennewickGuy 07-16-2010 02:48 AM

Caught my first sturgeon today!
Actually, caught two of them. First was a small one, only about 32". Second one was just barely within the legal limit at almost 54" and weighed in a 45lbs. Was an awesome day, got my BL installed on the Jeep, then went out fishing for about 90mins and caught two! Was exciting enough for me that I just had to share a pic

rtread 07-16-2010 05:50 AM

Congrats! Thats quite a fish....what kind of tackle did you use?

KBR97 07-16-2010 06:33 AM

That's a nice fish...good job! Must have been a good fight too

530ktm 07-16-2010 09:29 AM

Nice fish. What do you do with it now? Do you eat those things?

PecosRiver 07-16-2010 09:31 AM

It's been over 30 years since I caught a sturgeon. I remember it like it was yesterday. What a fight, it took forever to land it.

schnutzy 07-16-2010 11:02 AM

i think i will go fishing this weekend. :D

Kate 07-16-2010 11:33 AM

DANG! That's a BIG fish, and just barely legal?

I'd hate to see one all grown up.

KennewickGuy 07-16-2010 11:44 AM

This one was just barely legal in that it was almost too big. They get much bigger than that ;) There's a small range of size that you're allowed to keep, anything over or under has to be released.

Yeah, when we got him home the fillets were cut off and divided up. One of the guys I was with said he's going to put a bunch of it in his smoker, that should turn out really yummy. It's been a long time since I ate sturgeon, but I remember it being similar to halibut in texture but tasting better :D

Pecos- Yep, it was quite a fight. I wasn't timing it, but I'd guess it took about 10-15mins to get him to the boat. He kept running the line out, but eventually got tired and I won :) Now I'm totally jonesing to go out again, lol.

30-284 07-16-2010 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by rtread (Post 690239)
Congrats! Thats quite a fish....what kind of tackle did you use?

Fishing tackle.....duh!:D


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