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tucson97 10-13-2005 12:05 PM

similar tj perf issues
I have similar issues to a previous listing except that it is super hard to start (usually requireing gas pedal movement). When cold, idles ok (or as good as it always has) but I have to feed throttle real slow or it tries to die. It It is progressively getting worse. It is now getting to the point where it doesnt seem to get usable till i get most the way to work. It was throwing a code 11 for camshaft or crank shaft position sensor, but not setting the check engine light, just has been lighting the check guages light briefing upon actual starting. It is also thowing a code 47, but that says something about charge systeme too low (doesn't seem to fit). I changed the crank sensor (last weekend), little help. I have changed plugs, wires, cap, rotor, throttle pos sensor, idle air sensor all in the last 10k miles. There seems to be a small exhaust leak forward of the cat. One more wierd thing, running the engine jams the garage door opener frequency, this started happening. when the hard starting stuff started hapening. Also, It passes emissions well in the normal on all parameters. MY thoughts were leading me to fuel injectors, pressure reg or fuel pump till I saw the previous post . Any thoughts? I need to get this nailed this weekend, or I can't do a major trip over the we of the 21ts. HELP!!!

tucson97 10-13-2005 12:14 PM

forgot to add, the front o2 sensor has been changed and this is the 2.5l 4 cyl engine

jeepmutt 10-15-2005 06:46 PM

Turn the key to run, not start. Listen for a couple seconds to see if the fuel pump is coming on to pressurize the line. The pump is supposed to have a valve to keep fuel from running back when the Jeep is off, but if the valve isn't working you may be starving at start-up. If you hear it run, then after 2-3 seconds start the Jeep to see if it's any better.

There also was, and may still be a thing called a fuel pump ballast resistor that reportedly, upon its failure, would allow Jeeps to start but would not allow them to continue to run. The garage door thing indicates some electrical relationship.

Brainstorming along that line, is it possible your battery or your alternator is junk and you aren't maintaining a constant current to the computer so it is having trouble regulating fuel/air mix?

And, it sounds like you are running lean on start up. Is your throttle body clean? I don't know if your engine has a cold start valve or cold start fuel injector. I had that on a 4 cyl VW in college years ago. It shot extra gas on start up. When it went my experience was similar to what you describe... uh, not including the garage door issue.

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