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scout800 07-21-2010 10:09 PM

throttle position sensor voltage problem
my jeep will start up i moved it around in my driveway, gave it some gas and let off and the engine dies, the check engine light is on, it flashed a 24 which is a voltage problem in the throttle position sensor, does this mean i have to replace the sensor, and is the voltage problem a reason the engine dies at an idle? :confused:
my jeep screened 4 numbers that are problems and a 55 which is the end code. it flashed a 12, 33, 24, 17 the 12 is not a big deal, 17 would explain why the thermostat doesn't work, 24 should be the reason my engine dies at an idle sometimes, the throttle position sensor has a voltage problem. does that mean i have to replace the sensor? or is it a wiring problem?
and there is no A/C, it was removed. do you know about the A/C clutch? what is that?[/QUOTE]

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