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Chrome 07-25-2010 10:38 PM

Gearing question
I'm looking to buy my first Jeep. Well, second if you count the Golden Eagle Power Wheels I had as a kid. I'm definitely going with a six speed 2010, but I've got a question about gearing.

The Jeep will see on-road highway use, it will be limited, but there is a possibility of the occasional 2-3 hour trip. For this reason, I was planning on sticking with the stock 255/75R17 tires and 3.23 gearing. However, the local dealership has just gotten in one EXACTLY like I wanted, except it has the 3.73 gearing.

I know the 3.73 is preferred by many for off-road use, but how much of the road mannerisms will I lose by picking up the 3.73 anyway? (emphasis added for those wanting to skip the jibber-jabber) This dealership is on the small side and typically stocks 2-3 at most.


KBR97 07-25-2010 11:21 PM

Get the 3.73...youll be happy you did. The JKs are slow moving vehicles.
And thats coming from a guy with a JK that has 4.10's. Dont even think twice, just go for it. You wont lose any road'll gain some, lol.

thaduke2003 07-26-2010 07:25 AM

^ Fully agreed. The 3.21 gearing is awful- it's undergeared for anything but the base model 29" tires, and JUST good enough for those. When our rigs were near-stock, my wife's rig on 33's with 3.73's and Superchips got 17-22 MPG, and my stocker with Superchips on 32's with 3.21's got 15-16 MPG. Sold, right there! :) Math-like, even! Mark W.

Chrome 07-27-2010 09:03 AM

Well, we'll see how much I like it. I picked it up yesterday before work.


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