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04moneypit 02-01-2007 08:15 PM

Shrockworks rocker guard install
Allright, so here it is as promised.

Step 1: If you ordered your guards unpainted, you're going to want to clean them (either a clean rag and ether or some MEK or paint thinner) and then paint 'em. When painting, start with a tack coat (light coat) and then shoot your regular coats with a 15 min wait time between coats. I start inside, to bottom, then to the outside. Don't spray too heavy, you don't want runs.

Step 2: Cean your rockers, side and bottom (this will be the last time you can clean them without something in the way) and get your floor jack and spacer placed to hold the rocker in place when you put it on for fit up. The blanket makes it a little more comfortable.

Step 3: Do your test fit up, position the rocker where you want it and use the jack to hold it in place. I center punched the location for all the holes and did it on both sides so when I went to drill it, I could drill all my holes without stopping.

Step 4: Drill all your holes (there's six on the bottom too), and don't forget the other side.

Step 5: Put the rockers back on, I siliconed around all the holesand on the side of the rocker to seall it from water. You'll run the top bead when your done tightening them up. Leave the bolts loose so you can slip the underside bolts in. Put you washers and nuts on the inside (Leave them loose!), and it will hold it in place. Sorry, missed this pic.

Step 6: Put your "vise" plates on the inside and slide the special torx nuts through your holes. Hand thread the bolts into the nuts and get ready to tighten all your hardware up.

Step 7: The only hex bolts are the recessed ones at the rear of the rocker. I was slighted pissed when I opened the hardware pack and I was missing these bolts! I had to go to ACE and pic some up.

Step 8: Tighten everything. Start with the underside bolts and then go to the sides. Tighten from the inside. Don't use the allen wrench, use your ratchet. Don't over-tighten, I snapped the head off one of the stainless bolts, but they did include and extra, just in case.

Step 9: Run your top bead of silicone (I used some masking tape along the edge of the guard and about a 1/4 inch above it to get a clean bead). Stand back and admire your work!


Scout 02-01-2007 08:39 PM

Looks GREAT! Good write-up too!

mrbigjeep 02-01-2007 09:16 PM

looks good. nice write up.

MR.CLIFFORD 02-01-2007 09:34 PM

One area of concern for me.

When you install rockers over the nutserts in the tub you don't effectively clamp the rocker to the tub. I believe you should always sand the nutserts flat with the tub before installation of the rockers. This ensures the rockers can not move after tightened down :)

04moneypit 02-01-2007 09:39 PM

What?!!! those are the rivnuts for the stupid flare extensions I had to take off, no, I didn't drill extra hole, and I sealed 'em before I put the guards on, picky, picky polly.

MR.CLIFFORD 02-01-2007 09:43 PM

No. They stick up past the flush surface of the whole tub. When you suck the bolts down above those nutserts the lower portion of the rocker does not sit flush with the tub. Allowing a big nasty rock to smash your rocker into the tub. That's why I sand the nutserts flat with the tub allowing the rocker to mount directly with the tub with no obstructions in the way.

I'm not being picky. I'm just being thorough and usually I don't have people complain about my over-picky nature when working on their jeep :)

04moneypit 02-01-2007 09:49 PM

Oh heck, way ahead of you. I took a drift punch before hand and dimpled them below the tub surface, just forgot to put that in the write up.

MR.CLIFFORD 02-01-2007 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by 04moneypit (Post 51139)
Oh heck, way ahead of you. I took a drift punch before hand and dimpled them below the tub surface, just forgot to put that in the write up.


04moneypit 02-01-2007 09:56 PM

Yeah, yeah, I'm pickier when I work on someone elses junk, because I don't want them to get stranded, or hurt. With me, it's part of my adventure, and I usually carry enough stuff to fix out there.

whiteyj 02-01-2007 10:40 PM

They look good.

Unlimited 02-02-2007 09:50 AM

Very nice write-up. They look great! I'm sure you'll be happy with them. They are very well built, I've ground the paint off mine several times, but haven't done a bit of damage to the bars. I used a hammer finish paint, it doesn't show the touch ups as badly as a smooth finish does.

Sorry to hear that you didn't get all the bolts. I had the same thing happen with mine. I called Jim Shrake and he Fed-x'd them to me the next day. Their customer service is great if you give them the chance.

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