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robtangie 07-30-2010 04:21 PM

Firewall water leak when rianing.
I've had my 98 about 3 months (garaged before I owned it) and I noticed the floors getting wet after a good hard rain. After sitting in it during one down pour I discovered water coming in on each corner of the firewall closest the doors. So utilizing the help of a buddy we soaked it down with a hose and found the problem spots. Drivers side was a hot wire the PO had run through one of the rubber plugs,,, passenger side seems to be coming in around the heater housing seal. So I did what I could to fix the problem areas by tightening up the heater housing nuts and getting rid of the hot wire (wasn't being used anyway).
But my thoughts are get a new/better seal between the hood and cowl to stop the rain from getting to the firewall. So I ordered a "hood to cowl seal" from JC Whitney (with the help of their chat service) only to find when it arrived today that what they are calling a "hood to cowl seal" is actually without a doubt a "cowl to windshield seal"...

So now for my question/problem... My weather seal between the hood and cowl only goes across the flat of the hood. Is this the way all jeeps are? Because it seems to me if the seal would turn the corners and continue down to the fenders I wouldn't have the water on the firewall... Any input appreciated here and any ideas for a replacement seal as well because short of visiting the local salvage yards I can't find a replacement that I'm confident will work.

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