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2000vikings 08-01-2010 05:18 PM

clunking in rear while turning
when i have my kids riding in back seat and while i turn the jeep i hear a clunking noise. i suspect the driveshaft is spinning and knocking against something. any thoughts?

tlrrob1000 08-01-2010 06:11 PM

Check your track bar, shocks and if the seat bolts are tight.

2000vikings 08-02-2010 08:45 AM

knocking in back of jeep
Any other thoughts on what is going on? Thanks

95riogrande 08-02-2010 10:43 AM

maybe something in the diff?

2000vikings 08-03-2010 04:53 PM

clunking turning corners with people in back seat
TTT, any ideas?

flatline 08-03-2010 06:45 PM

things that might make that noise. as stated earlier. track bar, shocks missing the bushing, leaf springs( bushings, center pin, bolts). check trans and t-case mounts and bolts. exhaust system. u-joints. check play in the third member. make sure kids didn't leave a coke can rolling around in back. thats about every thing I can think of. Unless you have a ladder bar and the welds broke.

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