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rindy991 08-04-2010 11:35 AM

95 yj seat and soft top conversion
this is our first jeep and my first day joining the forum. looks like a great forum!
we bought a 95 yj wrangler that came from hawaii. only rust is around the windshield frame. glass is good. we are looking for several items and i believe i have found them. it came with no rear seat, bolts or mounts or seat belts. from what i have gathered so far the parts should be interrchangable from 87 thru 95. the parts vehicle i found is a 91 wrangler loredo. my questions are:
1- will the rear seat work in ours? we have a family style roll bar and the 91 has a roll bar that drops down in the back, but doesnt cover the passengers, so it doesnt look like the seatbelts will have a over the shoulder like the front seats being as the roll bar isnt behind the passengers.
2- are 95 came with a hard top. the 91 i was told came with a hardtop and they converted it to a soft top. it has half steel doors,sliding glass for the doors(was told 300.00 a piece for this style of doors as the zip outs were junk for the windows, and all the parts to change ours to a question is will it work on our 95 wrangler? i can pick up the top,doors with window attachments complete according to the owner for 300 bucks. i figure a good deal if it will work, but if it wont, i'll be stuck with it, but atleast would half the half doors.
3- there is also a crack in our exhaust manifold above the first junction above the exhaust flange. it isnt on a weld, but about 1 inch back. i tried j&b weld and it just cracked and flew off when the heat hit it. can i wire feed weld the pipe with it on the vehicle? i will have to remove the washer fluid bottle and the steering stem, but looks easier than removing the fuel injection and exhaust manifold. the rest of the manifold looks good from what i can see.
any help with these questions would be appreciated. thanks, and this forum once agian looks awsum. momma likes her present and just trying to tighten up a few loose ends, maybe join a offroad club!

Tdeanbrian 08-04-2010 12:09 PM

I had the same problem with my exhaust manifold alot of yj's do it will happen again so I would just replace it I have a banks header it's life time warrantied have to remove intake manifold when doing the exhaust well worth it thought to not have to worry about it cracking again my 91 has the full roll cage verses the one that slants down all my parts swapped in thy direction just fine and you seat will work just make sure you have the brackets on the inside of the wheel whale almost all yj parts are interchangable good luck

rindy991 08-04-2010 12:45 PM

soft top.
thanks tdeanbrian. i thought i better ask as when i looked at softtops for the 95 at besttops it suggested that they were the same for the 93 thru the 95 model. not sure how the rods will attach as the pictures i saw seamed to look like there was ears welded on the rollbar behind the drivers seat that the rods would swivel on. not looking to have to weld anything on it for the softtop. trying to cover all angles as there has to be 1 made for it that just bolts on. the softtop off the 91 im looking to purchase has the backhalf of the roll bar dropping down at an angle next to the passengers instead of like my 95 that hoops over the top of the passengers and drops down an inch from the tailgate. with the banks exhaust manifold, do you remember how much it was? also is it loud like a header? i like the noise and the breathability on my truck with headers and 3 1/2" exhaust, but this is the better halfs jeep. she isnt going to want the noise. thanks agian

Tdeanbrian 08-04-2010 03:31 PM

I hear what your saying about the noise I like my truck loud but my jeep quiet and it's still quiet with the header I think it was around 300 but much better then worrying about fumigating and life time warranty I'll post some pictures tonight of my soft top and see if it's similar to yours cause I have a 91 and I believe the soft top was off a 95

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