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RaddaRadda 03-04-2014 06:05 PM

2014 JKR X stock ride height measurments?
Anyone with a stock 2Dr JK Rubi X willing take a few measurements for me? I added winch and mounting plate and forgot to measure before to figure out how much compression the additional weight put on the springs. I'm shopping heavier take off springs and trying to figure out which ones to get. I have after measurements at all 4 corners. I'm looking for measurements to the bottom of the tow hooks (outside edges), and at the front behind the bumper at the top right where the wings (seam) meet the main bumper. My after measurements are FD 27-1/2, FP 27, RD 18-1/4, RP 18-3/4. Thanks for the help.

RaddaRadda 03-17-2014 08:57 AM

Thanks to anyone that looked. I figured since I've "corrected the problem" I would post. I picked up a set of Rubi unlimited springs 18s vs my stock on the Rubi X which were 15s. Swapped them in this weekend and removed the winch hunch. It raise front just a sliver under 1.5", which is about the drop I got from the mopar winch plate and a 9.5 CTI with galvanized cable.

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