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NHrubicon 08-05-2010 02:44 PM

Rubicon 03 locker relay
Okay, got the info (thanks guys) on how to remove the dash console to get to the switch and check that, figured I'd ask if anyone knows where the electric relay is for the locker switch....check that out while I am crawling around the jeep. Tested the locker switch when we came home last night, with the jeep facing 'up' the driveway, a good slant, the switch activated front and rear lockers, we could hear the click of the pumps, and then deactivated and lights went out after flashing a little bit. On flat ground (last time we tried it) the switch activated and lockers remained activated, lights went to solid.
Makes me think there is something (maybe excess CB antenna wire) behind that dash panel hitting the back of the switch where the wires are.
any thoughts, anyone? Really need the lockers for next weekend-going out on extremely rough trail we couldn't complete last year because the lockers went out half way through it!
Thought we had the problem solved going to on board air for the lockers but obviously I was mistaken...

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