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tpa00 08-07-2010 04:52 PM

Wheel Spacers and Alignment
Alignment neccesary after wheel spacers installed?

GroundHawg 08-07-2010 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by tpa00
Alignment neccesary after wheel spacers installed?

spacers, no. however...installing spacers means bigger tires. it also hints at a lift.

a lift messes up the Jeep's caster. wider, larger tires mess up the toe in. both are corrected with an alignment.

one thing that may be wise is check the toe in after spacers are on. it's a long shot, but if they were machined or milled incorrectly, it could throw the toe too far in or out. it's unlikely though, and I'd probably just watch what the tire wear looks like after 1-2k miles.

make sure you keep checking those lugs too. spacers require a little attention to stat safe.

tpa00 08-07-2010 06:06 PM

Thanks, I did install 2" coil spacers to give my 285/70/17 MTR's w/ kevlar more clearance. The plan was to get new wheels with 4.5-4.75 backspace but my budget is getting tighter. I like my stock alum wheels but would like a little wider stance besides they rub on a tight turn. This will be a cheap alternative, probably 200-225 vs 600+
I didn't want to fork over another $100 to do alignment again. That tips the scale closer to new wheels.

GroundHawg 08-07-2010 06:21 PM

you could an alignment yourself. many of us do them here on the forum and they aren't difficult to do in the driveway. just a few basic tools and 15 minutes is all you need.

I got wheels, and always recommend them. a good quality spacer is ok if you like stock rims. more than likely they won't mess up the toe or be defective, just keep it in mind if weird tire wear or anything shows up in the future. spacers are good, you just need to check them alot so they don't loosen up on you.

since you're aligned, you can get the spacers without any trouble. you can call the shop you got it done. alot of times if it's within 3 months or something they'll make additional adjustments and checks for free. call them and see. if not, we can tell you how to check, and adjust toe yourself. it's not difficult

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