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Jonathantrussell 08-08-2010 09:36 PM

crazy vibration 45 to 55 mph
I have an 03 wrangler and when im driving down the road and let off the gas and coast to around 50 mph sometimes my jeep will start vibrating real bad, the steering wheel vibrates too, the whole dash, the whole front of my jeep goes crazy, but this only happens intermittenly. any suggestions? i just bought the jeep 2 weeks ago and this has only happened twice. it has stock suspension, not sure where to start.

JDsDream 08-08-2010 09:50 PM

Sounds like a classic case of death wobble except that DW is usually set off by hitting an uneven surface in the road. It could be your tires. First thing to do is make sure your alignment is correct and have your tires properly balanced. It took new tires to cure mine. It could also be any number of things in the suspension components. Check the DW sticky on forum home page.

ESP 08-08-2010 09:59 PM

Sounds like classic death wobble, here's a link to it -

Jonathantrussell 08-08-2010 10:27 PM

yeah thanks i watched the videos thats exactly what it is.. thanks

RoSs 08-11-2010 04:51 AM

Sounds like a pos. Ill make it disappear next time we go wheeling at the lake if you would like :flipoff:

mrcarcrazy 08-11-2010 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by RoSs (Post 719882)
Sounds like a pos. Ill make it disappear next time we go wheeling at the lake if you would like :flipoff:

Chadwick? is it you?

Wench 08-11-2010 11:56 AM

what kind of tires and wheels do you have? I had the same issue and it was a combo of this: un-balanced Mud terrain tires and one bent wheel. I had them all replaced a month ago and my rubi drives/rides like a champ

baja 08-11-2010 12:20 PM

03 with stock suspension and DW?Thats scary.Better get that thing on a lift and start checking everything steering related.Might do a carfax on it too.

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