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cameron 08-08-2010 08:59 PM

what lift should i get and what size tire and rims???
Hello i am new and i have a 2010 jeep wrangler mountain edition and i wanted to put a lift on it and new tires and rims...
i was look at a 2.5 inch teraflex lift with 33 or 35 inch tires with kmc rockstars.
let me have your comments and what size tires you think and what size rims i should get.....
thanks, cameron

Hilldweller 08-09-2010 06:38 AM

Congrats on the Mountain, cameron.

But you haven't given us any information for us to recommend products. We don't know where you live, how you plan to use your Jeep, your budget, skill level, anything.

I'd start by suggesting that you put away the credit card for at least a month and get a plan together. Read threads, builds, old threads. Research pays enormous dividends.

yj-genral 08-09-2010 07:58 AM

is it a 2dr or 4dr?, auto or stick? and hilldweller has some good advice. if you are new to the jeep world and/or 4x4's then i would do alot of research first and wait to buy the lift and new wheels and tires for a minute.

shop around as well, general education on lifts is the more complete the kit the better off you are, ie. if its going 2.5 or more does it come with extended brake lines or drop brackets?, does it have sway bar extended links?, shock relocation brackets or longer shocks?, springs or spacers (find out the pros and cons of spacers, springs are better fyi) track bar relocation?, etc...

size tire, what else will you need to upgrade with what tire you, if your running 3.73 gears with your auto then i wouldnt recommend 35's without some sort of gear upgrade (another $1200 added to the expenses) if you go with a 12.5 wide tire you will need 10" wide wheels with atleast 4.5" of backspacing... you can keep your stock wheels if you dont go too wide on the tire...

alll of these things need to be considered... not including what hillweller asked;
- where are you located (mtns,city, beach, etc.),
-what is your driving style (peddle to the floor, slow and steady, experienced/unexperienced),
-how you plan on using your jeep (onroad all the time, offroad everyweekend, etc.),
-what is your skill level mechanically and do you plan on installing the lift yourself or is a shop going to be doing all the work?
-do you care that replacing all of the suspension components will effect your warranty on almost all of the driveline components?
-are you on an unlimited budget where anything goes or is this a budjet boost (BB) and the tires will be the most expense you put into the jeep?

lots of questions you need to ask yourself and answer before we can even begin to help you out with these decisions.

clear lake jeepn 08-09-2010 08:34 AM

2 1/2" Skyjacker on 35' cant go wrong with black rims. I think they are the ticket

dlampe 08-09-2010 09:13 PM

Clear Lake, You Jeep looks fantastic! I agree, the black rims look great.

cameron 08-10-2010 12:20 AM

it is a automatic 4 door.
i am looking for it to look amazing
and i will be doing some offroading with it
i like the 33s so it gives me enough room for flex and
i think 33 toyo tires on kmc 18 inch rockstars are the key

Hilldweller 08-10-2010 03:48 AM

"look amazing", huh? Not my alley really.

18" wheels will net a short sidewall for 33s and not be as beneficial for airing-down on the trail; the ride will also be harsher since sidewall contributes to comfort on solid axle vehicles.
If the most you want to mount is a 33 or 35, I'd stick with a 16 or 17 inch wheel; the price of rubber is friendlier too.

Toyo MTs are a great tire choice. If you like that style, also look at Cooper Discoverer STT; Cooper makes most of the boutique Jeep tires and the STT is basically the starting blueprint for them.

Sounds like the Teraflex 2.5" spring lift would be a good choice for you.
Can't comment on the Rockstars; I'm not a bling guy and have no experience with them.

gatesy21 08-10-2010 07:25 AM

clear lake, what is your mpg like? have you regeared? I know it will be slow with 35s but cutting mpg in half is not worth it to me if 33s will save some mpg. I only am offroad one or 2 times a month and its nothing serious just mud and some easy trails. It is my DD so cant break it yet getting crazy offroad

cameron 08-11-2010 12:15 AM

i think im going to go with a 1 3/4 spacer lift
thats what the guy at 4wd told me to do because he said my suspension is good
i either want nitto mud grapplers or toyo mts
i think i want a 33 on 18 though
right now i have a 32 on 17.....

Hilldweller 08-11-2010 04:23 AM

Remember that opinions are worth what you pay for them, whether from us or from the 4-wheel shop.

Personally, I think that a "leveling kit" on a Jeep is a fart in the wind. You net the wrong kind of altitude; it takes away from overall performance in every objective criteria while only adding a cosmetic effect and a little room for 33s. Whoop-dee-doo.

And 33s on 18s are pricey and just a tad short of enough sidewall for airing down. 35s on 18s are the start of enough sidewall to yield a worthy contact patch and sufficient deformation of the tire over sharp rocks while aired down.

Get the Toyos. Nitto Mud Grapplers are the "Jersey Shore" tire of the truck world.

If you come in and ask for advice, we'll assume that you want advice to build something that works. There's no advice necessary for a mall crawler though; all you need is a catalog and credit card.
Just tell us which way you want to build and we'll direct you without judgment. We might giggle, but we won't judge...

Droelle 08-11-2010 06:48 AM

Whatson wrong with the nittos? I don't understand the whole Jersey shore thing. I don't maybe its because I'm from Texas. By ibwas gonna go with the nittos. Cuz all we got in east Texas is muddy.

Droelle 08-11-2010 06:52 AM

Stupid autospelling on this phone! Sorry hope that made since. Stupid phone turns all my f*cks into ducks making me look all soft.

Hilldweller 08-11-2010 07:03 AM

Nittos are more show than go. XXXXtreme tread pattern meant to convey attitude rather than action.
Nittos are usually clean and covered with shiny goo in parking lots at Hooters.

cameron 08-13-2010 12:12 AM

i dont exactly know what to do
im not going to be doing any rock crawling in this one just some mudding and some of the beach sand.
i mean i would rather spend less then spend a fortune obviously.
the biggest part is this is my everyday driver and i still want it to drive like it does now...

JeepDiver 08-13-2010 01:23 AM

I read in a thread that putting a lift on a Jeep that new voids the warranty, like the second post said; do some research.

Hilldweller 08-13-2010 05:04 AM


Originally Posted by cameron (Post 722769)
i dont exactly know what to do
im not going to be doing any rock crawling in this one just some mudding and some of the beach sand.
i mean i would rather spend less then spend a fortune obviously.
the biggest part is this is my everyday driver and i still want it to drive like it does now...

Take it slow then.

You did the important part when you bought the Jeep. It's already one bad-azz driving machine that can take you nearly anywhere it's legal to go; it doesn't need much more.
Drive it for a while the way it came and figure out what's lacking for your needs. Look outside of your immediate peer group as well; look at a larger sample group for build ideas.
Little by little you'll find what you need/want and in what order. It's like when Luke tried to rush his Jedi training...

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