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NeilB 08-09-2010 09:08 AM

AC/Heater fan
Hi Folk,

I am a first time Jeep owner and this is my first post so be gentle with me :)

I have a December 2003 Jeep Wrangler 4.0l out here in the Middle East. Only had it for a few days and am slowly fixing the minor faults. One of those 'minor faults' is the AC blower. It seems to work but speeds up and slows down by itself.

A bit of a description.....

My AC temp and AC fan speed control sit by themselves under the steering column. Next to them in the bottom, centre of the dash I have heater and heater fan controls. If I set the heater control to 'defrost' or 'vent' I get the sound of the AC fan turning and cool air out of the centre vents. If I set the heater control to 'heat' I get the sound of another fan starting (both fans running now) and air out of foot vents. I can adjust the speed of this heater fan with the up/down switch on the left of the heater assembly.

I suppose my questions are.....

This sounds like I have a faulty AC fan. How do I get to it to change it?

As I never need the heater (never gets below 25degC out here) can I plumb the heater fan into the AC ducting so I get twice the throughput of air?

Is there a diagram of this setup anywhere for download? All I can find is a later configuration.



pokey 08-09-2010 11:11 AM

Welcome Neil. There is only one fan for the ac/heater. I suppose the "second" fan you are hearing could be the a/c compressor kicking on. When you change the setting on the climate control switch (the one on the right) the system changes between heat or air depending on switch position.

When you say you have a/c temp and fan control sit by themselves under the steering column this makes me think maybe you have an aftermarket (not factory) a/c installed in which case you may have 2 fans. Other than that I'm not sure what is going on. Maybe with a little more info someone here can help.

NeilB 08-10-2010 01:02 AM

Thanks for the reply....

Definitely two fans - I can adjust the speed of both independently.

So I may have an aftermarket AC system, but that seems strange in the Middle East where all cars have AC. From the pictures I have seen the AC/heater controls are all in the centre console. On mine I have AC temp and fan control on the left of the heater controls. The heater controls have two left to right sliders - one for the temp and one for the air direction - and one up and down fan speed switch.

Looks like I need to get it apart and have a look......

NeilB 08-11-2010 01:09 AM

I have found the source of my problem.....

The sticker on the drivers door may say 28/12/2003 but the VIN says 1994. I am in the wrong forum!

I shall take my problem over to the YJ forum....move along there, nothing to see.


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