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Geoff@Bestop 08-09-2010 10:49 PM

Tank treads? Check. Jeep? Check. Awesome? Check.
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From Craigslist in Alaska. Where this might actually be useful. $4500.

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ESP 08-09-2010 10:51 PM

Now if he had those on the front as well I'd be interested.

ColdSRT 08-09-2010 11:16 PM

I was actually gonna go look at that and see if I could talk him down on the price a bit just as something wild to have around the shop.

Coyote_94YJ 08-09-2010 11:48 PM

:punk: A half-track jeep. Sweet!

Ageless Stranger 08-09-2010 11:55 PM

Wow. That's pretty insane. Love to wheel with it to see it work. :punk:

rogertc1 08-10-2010 10:31 AM

Probably needed in the artic. Lots of snow.

Sticks 08-11-2010 05:29 AM

Just get these.

88 Series Model

Sticks 08-11-2010 05:42 AM

rogertc1 08-11-2010 05:45 AM

I miss snow.

ESP 08-11-2010 06:05 AM

jeez I bet that thing drinks gas like a cargo ship!

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