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DanielAntoniCraig 03-08-2014 05:41 PM

do i need adapters? 2009 speaker upgrade
Hey folks.

First post. I'm the very proud owner of my first ever Jeep, a 2009 4dr Sport Unlimited in black. I live in the UK (Scotland) and these beauties are very rare so i'm quite pleased with mine.

Only issue i have (for now) is the audio. A cheap aftermarket Double Din stereo is already showing faults so is soon to be replaced, and while i'm at it i think i'll have a go at the speakers too.

My main question is this: do i need adapters for my 2009 model?

I've searched the forum already and found tonnes of helpful guides including handy adapters from Nalin that allow you to replace the dashboard 6x4s for 5.25s. However, on other threads i've heard you can fit 6.5s in JKs??

Basically i'm a little lost. Most of the non-adapter threads show the work on 2010-onwards vehicles (after the internal facelift). Mines is still the old layout that seems to be similar to the older TJ models?

Does anyone know what way to go? Do i need the adapter pates? If not what will/will not fit?

I currently have some salvaged focal 5.25 components i'd like to fit so i'm hoping the answer is yes!

Thanks in advance.


ChasUGC 03-08-2014 08:39 PM

From what I am seeing, the Nalin adapters only apply to the 1997-2006 TJ Wranglers. I'm seeing that in 2007, they went to 6.5 speakers. This makes sense because the TJ ended in 2006, and the Wrangler was completely redesigned to a JK in 2007.

It seems that the increased size made the front speaker removal a PITA.

Replacing stock speakers -

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