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CHICAGOJEEPTHING & Texas 08-13-2010 08:57 PM

Part 1: Rust Fixer Part 2: offroading spots
Hey everybody. First time on Forum.

I just moved a few weeks ago to the dallas / fort worth area from Chicago. No more snow for the most part, but more importanly no more salt trucks. Now it's time to attack my basic rust issues. I have surface rust on some of the body of the jeep mainly rear corner panels and over the wheels and of course the famous rust under the windshield. The previous owner put bondo on some of the rusted areas and just painted over it. The bondo has started to crack bad and surface rust is showing pretty good. I could by hand pull more of the crack bondo out to expose more surface rust. What is the best way to prevent surface rust from continuing and how do you cover up it up? I do quite a bit offroading when I can and so I'm not to keen on a brand new paint job, but I definitely would like to take care of the rust problem myself and somewhat paint it.

Suggestions given to me: Sand Blast -- What are the pro's and con's of sand blasting?
Aircraft Stripper -- Pro's and Con's
1 Step - - Pro's and Con's
Por 15 -- " "
Hand held wire brush and etc.

What would you do?

Part 2: Where are some places to go offroading at in the DFW area? Backroads, wooded areas, sand, rock, water, mud, etc.? I like them all.

kj 92yj 08-13-2010 09:52 PM

well, i have a post about bondo and the how to's of it. if you read it, you'll find that i am far from perfect in this field. However, i can say that i've owned a cj and now a yj that both have some rust (cj MUCH worse). to get rid of the rust, i used a grinder to grind it out, and then a wire brush to scrape out the pits that were left. after that, i used some rust inhibitor by Permatex to cover the area and keep it from reappearing.
this part i am good at so i feel good about giving you that info.

magicman37 01-10-2011 09:44 PM

Well i will say if you ever plan on taking it back to the salt even for a weekend keep away from the wire brushes and steel wool... while good for cleaning off the small rust spots on chrome and metals if you go any bigger than the rust spot you could take off some of the factory rust undercoating coating that comes with it... besides ive heard great things about zinc phosphate solutions just not sure wether they prevent the rust or can get rid of it altogether if you plan on never traveling north of dallas again though by all means wire brushes and steel wool are probably a good bet... ^also not an expert^ but ive asked a similar question before

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