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uselessllama 08-14-2010 07:48 PM

Wearing in a Mopar Soft Top
For those that remember my thread from a few weeks back, I just installed a MOPAR soft top on my vehicle.

First of all, whew, that was not easy. It took me roughly 5 hours to finish the install, and I will never do that again. I didn't realize how much assembly was required. I took a few pictures of it before I got to work, if anyone is curious to the way it came I'll put them up by request.

Anywho. I've heard some people recommend that when you install a new Soft Top on a vehicle, you should leave it up completely for a few days/weeks in order to allow it to 'wear' in, and stretch to fit the vehicle. I've heard that if you don't do this, it will be near impossible to put it back up on the vehicle because it will need to stretch more than it's used to.

So, can anyone comment on this? I'm clearly eager to drop the top, but don't want to make things difficult by doing so.

Thank you in advance.

krutj 08-14-2010 07:54 PM

I've had mine for a year and the top is still crazy tight....

It took a long time (6months) before the rear curtain would unzip/zip without great effort and silicon spray.

Not really sure that leaving it on for a day or week would make much diff. May even help to loosen it up by taking it on and off.?

Tnewcomb 08-15-2010 05:37 AM

Put mine on and the next day took it down. Up and down to many times to count and still fit with no problem.

zerokoo149 08-15-2010 08:19 AM

I put mine on last week and left it up the first time for a full 24 hours. Since then it's been easy to put up and down.

Blackbeard1718 08-15-2010 12:58 PM

If you leave it out in the sun for a few hours, it'll help the top stretch a bit. Then it'll be easier to Lower/Raise.

Cold weather tends to shrink it some, making it more difficult to get it Raised.

Best of Luck!



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