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jim99 08-14-2010 09:50 PM

X ?
Am thinking of buying a Jeep. So what is an "X" like a Wrangler X ?:confused:

AzTJ 08-14-2010 09:52 PM

It's a trim level.


Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The X model is available for 2 doors versions. It is the "bare bones" wrangler that can be customized to a buyers specifications adding such options as air conditioning and other accessories.It was renamed "Sport Base" in 2010

So in other words, it can have all kinds of options added, but most probably were bare bones with very little upgraded.

Hendy 08-14-2010 10:02 PM

I have an "X", it was cheap and fun to customize it to how I wanted it. Did I mention it was cheap, all the stuff I wanted in it was much cheaper to buy on my own and install compared to what the dealer would have charged me for stuff that was not as good by comparison.

GroundHawg 08-15-2010 12:08 AM

I have an 07 X. nowadays they're called Sports. like others said, it's the bottom line base model. mine has nothing fancy except stock 4.10 gears (the X got it with the tow package in those days) and TracLock. that's it. no power windows, doors, painted fenders, fancy lockers, U-Connect, NOTHING. seats and a steering wheel :rofl:

hig4s 08-15-2010 10:27 AM

X was available in both 2 and 4 door, I have an 08 X unlimited (4 door) with 3 options, tow package which has 3:73 gears, limited slip rear end, and cruise control.

Badfish 08-15-2010 11:27 PM

love it best bang for the buck jeep you can get. the stock tires are fine for most causual offroaders if you air down offroad. for any serious offroader some new tires will be a must but those can come pretty cheap if you look.

bobjenkins 08-15-2010 11:30 PM

So no SE trims for JKs (dont think ive seen a 4cyl JK ) ??

Badfish 08-15-2010 11:32 PM

nope same engine you get in the top of the line 4 door rubi.

AzTJ 08-15-2010 11:55 PM


Originally Posted by bobjenkins (Post 726355)
So no SE trims for JKs (dont think ive seen a 4cyl JK ) ??

The JK's ushered in the V6 across the whole line.

popstop785 08-16-2010 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by AzTJ (Post 726384)
The JK's ushered in the V6 across the whole line.

Yeah instead of an SE they produced a 2X4 "jeep" instead.

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