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JeepOnTheRock 08-15-2010 01:22 AM

New Jeep Engine Break In
Hey Everyone,

This may seem like a dumb question to some, but I was curious of the best way to break in a new Jeep Engine. I have a new 2010 4-Door Sahara, my first Jeep. I have about 2000 Km/1242 miles on it currently, with most of that being Highway driving at about 110 km/h or 68-70 m/h. I am pretty picking about my vehicles and I looked through the manual for tips and tricks about breaking in the engine but came up short. So far I have tried to keep the RPMs below 3000 with the occasional rev up to about 4000 or so, a couple times a bit higher. I have always heard that for the first couple of tanks of gas you should be bit easy on the engine. Any tips from long time Jeep owners on the best way to break in my engine????

GroundHawg 08-15-2010 02:34 AM

I'm not a long time Jeep owner, but I work on vehicles alot :D

engines are easy to break in. in addition to that, the gears in you axle need broken in.

-don't maintain the same speeds. meaning no cruise control for too long. run it at 70 for a few miles, then drop it to 60 a few, then 55, then 75, etc. skip it around a little. move those RPM's.

-don't redline it, tow, or do anything crazy offroad. take it a little easy.

after 1,000 miles you'll be ok. no worries. basically, you're already past the break in. check for leaks, strange engine noises, or noisy axles. nothing? you did it right :D it's pretty hard to screw up a modern engine with improper break in.

now, at 3,000 change your oil no matter what. this is when you'll want to choose your oil type. bulk, bottle, synthetic, etc. I watch it close for the first 3 oil changes or so. i do this to get an idea how the engine and oil will play together. watch for high oil consumption (JK's burn 0-1/2 quart every 3,000...this is normal) but anything more may be a problem. you know that smell after you change the oil? pay attention, and make sure that leaves after a bit.

that's it. basic, easy stuff. most folks do all of that without even knowing. you'll be ok, ya worry too much :P

Steel02001 08-15-2010 03:33 AM

It actually does talk about it in your manual, I know I found it in mine. The manual only talks about the first 100 miles or so (cant remember exactly).

That said, what Groundhawg said isnt a bad idea.

JeepOnTheRock 08-15-2010 03:53 AM

Thanks for help. Cheers.

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