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mottin44 08-22-2010 09:54 AM

4WD broken
I have a 98 wrangler and the 4wd is not working.The first thing Ive tried was to adjust the shift linkage and it did not work however it does feel like its engaging.Here is what it is doing. When I put it in 4wd it seems to click in but when I hit the gas it makes a really bad noise almost like two gears grinding their teeth together and slipping. I do have a noise when I drive it down the road in 2wd almost like a clanking.This only auidiable between 10 and 30 mph, after 30 you cant hear it. I jacked up the front end put it in 4wd drive and I can hear the click when I turn the wheels.I also jerked the wheels to see if it makes the same sound as hitting the gas in 4wd and it does.When you get under the jeep you hear the noise coming from the the transfer case. It seeems that the transfer case is the issue.
Where do I go from here? Should I start looking for another one? How hard is it to rebuild yourself?

jeepjones 08-22-2010 10:17 AM

Rebuilding a transfer case is surprisingly easy as long as you are somewhat mechanically inclined, there really isn't much to them. The NP231 T-case is a popular case and it is easy to find info and step by step instructions on how to do it on the web. Heck if you have the cash get a JB Conversions HD NP231 rebuild kit to beef it up.

mottin44 08-22-2010 10:23 AM

I looked at a rebuild kit that was about $170 but it didnt look like it had all the same parts as the the exploded view I saw. Do the rebuild kits usally have all the internals or just parts that go bad.

jeepjones 08-22-2010 10:54 AM

A good kit will come with everything and will cost more than $170 check out the JB Conversions web site.

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