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Kate 08-24-2010 04:51 PM

Windrock Aug. 2010
Ok guys, I found the camera and got the FEW photos I took uploaded.
My Photobucket collection for this trip is here.
Windrock - First impression WOW!

Where do I begin.
Facilities, it has them
Several pavilions, campsites galore, several bathroom/shower houses, and a mountain - oh my God - that mountain.
The trails are exceptionally well marked and rated. Trails are everything from a winding paved road to "Oh HELL no!" and everything in between.

We were up there for 2 1/2 days and didn't even scratch the surface as far as the mountain goes. It would take a month of wheelin every day to cover it all I think. There is something there for everyone from the looks of it.

Ok... Observations.
First off - it's not cheap.
By the time we paid for three nights camping/access permits & wheeling it was just under $200 for two people.
(if you want the breakdown, go to their website and look it up)

They are very nice folks down there and the facilities are more than ample for a big group.
They have an ice machine on site $2.50 per 10lb bag, an excellent pressure washer - $2.00 for 5 min. and huge bathroom/shower houses that are very well maintained although it would have been nice if they had just a little AC in there because it was hot as heck and by the time we got out and dried off, we were drenched in sweat again. The shower heads are the low flow type (ick!) but still SO much better than a whore's bath.

Bath house:

Rental cabins:
$100 per night, sleeps 4, air conditioned, two twin sized bunk beds in each - no doubles or kings available.

And then, there is The Mountain:
Look closely, you can see a few of the trails, but only a very few.


Kate 08-24-2010 04:51 PM


OBM stole Moore's Jeep. Literally, Willie got Dicked. Moore walked down the hill, abandoning his wife and Jeep, so OBM just helped himself to his rig and I rescued his bride. We thought about hiding the Jeep and making him look for it but were afraid we'd forget where we left it :lol: you know how old people are about forgetting stuff.

We were there for two and a half days and BARELY scratched the surface.
I'm already planning a return trip!

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