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jeephoe 02-15-2007 10:26 PM

hi yall
Just signed up the other day and wanted to take some time to explore the forum.

chucky cheese 02-16-2007 11:07 PM

what part LA you in?

jeephoe 02-17-2007 03:20 PM

s.e. la
I've lived in Metairie the last 8 yrs. Lived in Uptown N.O., grad high school in Mandevillle and spent a few years attending SLU in Hamond.

Whats your local?

chucky cheese 02-17-2007 08:00 PM

westbank, algiers

jeephoe 02-19-2007 11:23 PM

looks like we're the only ones from nola area.

chucky cheese 02-20-2007 04:51 PM

Yep, far and few between around here.

acostabj 06-13-2007 10:42 PM

st bernard here
just signed up on here myself and saw a couple of locals so i wanted to say hi and add one more for the local area.

whiteyj 06-14-2007 12:34 AM

Welcome to the forum from West of the Mississippi!

GeauxTJ! 08-23-2007 05:22 PM

I'm from Lafayette, but I'm in Germany right now


cajun 01-23-2008 04:33 PM

Hi Gang: I just signed up and wanted to say hello I'm from the Alexandria area. I sold my 84 CJ a few yrs back cause it was causing problems between me and my son cause he said the chicks always wanted to ride..... I fixn to buy another since he has moved on to Carvetts, maybe he willl leave my jeep alone now, Looking for a wrangler sport or the likes......Cajun

jeepthing270 03-16-2008 11:22 PM

Sweet Home Louisiana
Hey I'm in Alexandria but from Bayou Chicot and just saw some loosiana folks and decided to say hey. I have a 98 tj thats gettin a makeover... Alexandria needs to watch out thers bout to be a new Jeep in town

Reclaimer 07-29-2008 10:44 PM

whats up LA crew? anyone from South of Lafayette/maurice/abbeville area?

bump 05-23-2009 11:16 AM

New to the forums, anyone from the baton rough/livingston area?

Dale 06-09-2009 11:48 PM

New here, I'm buying my Jeep when I get home from my tour in home in Dec.

BTW- Bossier City area here.

I'm going down to Houston to pick one up from Select Jeeps, anyone delt with them?

BywaterJeepGuy 10-01-2009 01:08 PM

New Orleans, Bywater
Hi NOLA jeeps, over here on the eastbank just below the Quarter. Got afew jeeper in my hood. Looks like we have more Jeeps in NOLA but just not on this Wrangler forum.

Peace out.

norrinraad 10-19-2009 10:48 PM

hey from up here in bossier city man////the cool side of the red.

Exl2392 11-01-2009 01:52 AM

Keepin on jeepin here in lafayette

neauxLAjeep 01-15-2010 04:02 PM

hey yall, born and raised in nola, in lakeview, currently in baton rouge at LSU... need some places up here in the BR to go ridin

bump 01-24-2010 03:32 PM

hows it going Neaux, I'm around the BR area too and hard to find spots to go ride at.

neauxLAjeep 01-26-2010 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by bump (Post 529989)
hows it going Neaux, I'm around the BR area too and hard to find spots to go ride at.

yeah i heard if you go downtown and go to south blvd, and head across the levee, theres some badass trails back there... you should put some pics of ur rig up too

Jkw 08-23-2010 01:45 AM

Nola area dyin to ride let mr know of places y'all go

Qwebby 02-01-2011 03:09 PM

Here in the Gonzales area, not running as of now, but hoping by the summer maybe to be moving. Yeah new to this and will be looking for a place to ride too eventually!!!! Keep me in mind down the road.
Anybody with some YJ parts, let me know. needing a few things.

rbloodhound 02-03-2011 03:00 AM

Crowville Louisiana here.

Bigdog76 02-17-2011 09:54 PM

NOLA here.

Nubby55 08-28-2011 11:50 PM

St.Francisville here, how ya'll are ?

richthepiper 11-13-2011 08:06 AM

loranger area north shore
98 wrangler tj love it ...howdy jeepers

ou812 11-23-2011 02:54 AM

Schirever(next to Houma)

no where to ride here legally
98 sport

JeepLife1 11-28-2011 09:33 PM

Nola and mandeville looking for places to ride any suggestions anywhere in Louisiana or Mississippi is good for me!

Nicoya 01-09-2012 04:49 PM

Metairie here!

ELIMINATOR 01-16-2012 06:30 AM

lafayette here

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