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JeepDream 08-28-2010 04:22 PM

I bought my Jeep today!
Its a 1998, 4.0 I6 manual, 86,xxx miles, lifted, 33" tires, little rust. I love it!! I'm off to go sit in it, but I just had to share picts!

ammoniaman 08-28-2010 04:25 PM

Great looking Jeep

Barrie 08-28-2010 04:29 PM

Nice Jeep, Welcome.:wavey:

98wranglertj 08-28-2010 04:45 PM

CONGRATS!!! Nice Jeep :wavey:

nick50471 08-28-2010 04:51 PM

Looking good.

scotiez 08-28-2010 05:07 PM

Heyyy ... Nice Jeep. Congrates on the purchase. Your gona love it. :wavey:

Ageless Stranger 08-28-2010 05:12 PM

Congratulations, and welcome to WF! :wavey:

jdmtru 08-28-2010 07:08 PM

TRUST ME Wranglers are like crack....

Vaultzz 08-28-2010 07:09 PM

Nice buy! Well? What are the specs? Lift height, tire size other mods? :D

Artlugo 08-28-2010 08:19 PM

Welcome to the thread. Wavey:-)

97'wrangler 08-28-2010 08:31 PM

How much of lift do you have? Nice Jeep!

JDsDream 08-28-2010 09:25 PM

Congrats JeepDream. Now go play.

djw97tj 08-28-2010 09:46 PM

sweet looking jeep man good job

RatherBNarizona 08-28-2010 09:46 PM

that is sweet!

Walkingstick 08-28-2010 09:52 PM

Nice Jeep dude. :) have fun with it

rbloodhound 08-28-2010 10:29 PM

Good looking jeep.

slocom66 08-28-2010 10:35 PM

Nice ride man. I know you will enjoy it.

Speed2005 08-28-2010 11:43 PM

Nice what did it cost you if you don't mind? I am in the market as well

Floods 08-29-2010 06:11 AM

Damn!! I'm envious , nice Jeep!

05tjrubi 08-29-2010 10:10 AM

Nice ride have fun with it

JeepDream 08-29-2010 01:23 PM

Sorry for the delay in my reply, I've been out driving ;) Thanks for all the welcomes and comments! To answer some questions: 4" lift, 33" tires, modified suspension for rock crawling (though I'll never use that), Airraid intake, fuel/air ratio programmer to help increase power that the tires took away, subs and amp... and best of all.... a $6k price tag! I'm loving the Jeep! Its been a blast to drive!

bc40ton 08-29-2010 01:24 PM

Oh yeah, lookin' good! But its to clean, gotta fix that first!

Bobthegod 08-29-2010 01:29 PM

Nice buy. Now how long were you looking till you found it?

GoldenSahara00 08-29-2010 01:38 PM

wow 6k is great for that, around here wranglers like that would cost at least 8 if not closer to 10. I already have near 6 grand invested in mine without a lift or tires yet :P plus I need rims, and to regear if I go 33s or 35s. lucky SOB !

JeepDream 08-29-2010 01:50 PM

Bobthegod, I haven't been looking long, though I've wanted one for as long as I could drive. I guess I'd say maybe a month? Less than that? I heard about it through my mechanic, his friend had a Jeep he was not 'selling' but if someone wanted to buy it he'd sell it. He owned it for 5 years and only put 10k on it, so he didnt drive it much. I went to see it because it matched everything I wanted, when I saw it I had to have it!

Gate53 08-29-2010 02:13 PM


Image Group 08-31-2010 12:13 AM

Congrats man. But, you need to be set straight on a very important fact... you didn't "Buy" a JEEP, you merely put a down payment down on accessories!!! Just to clarify!

KRawson 08-31-2010 12:18 AM

nice looking jeep. congrats on the new toy.

JeepDream 08-31-2010 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by Image Group (Post 751249)
Congrats man. But, you need to be set straight on a very important fact... you didn't "Buy" a JEEP, you merely put a down payment down on accessories!!! Just to clarify!

You're right on this! I got my new Quadratec catalog in the mail yesterday and I've already dog-earred so many pages. Oh the things you can buy for a Jeep

indosurf 08-31-2010 11:45 AM

Nice Jeep!

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