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MouthfulOfGrass 02-16-2007 02:43 PM

Newb steering question
What is bump steer ?

I've looked for a definition or explanation, must not be looking in the right place.

I've read that it occurs when you have a drop pitman arm (sometimes) with a lift. A drop pitman arm is a pitman arm that is longer than a stock pitman arm.

I'm pretty sure I have a drop pitman arm. I also now am pretty sure what my track bar is, and what my drag link is, and my tie rod is.

The tie rod is the bar that goes straight across, and is the lowest part of the steering bars. The drag link is the short part connected to the pitman arm, and along with the bar it's conected to (?), it's somewhat parrallel to the track bar (or should be). The track bar does not move (or is not supposed to move much).


Rawkon 02-16-2007 05:17 PM

heres this.

Bump steer is the tendency for the tire hitting a bump to momentarily change its toe-in setting, which causes the car to feel like someone turned the steering wheel a bit. This happens due to the tires’ suspension going up and down over the bump. The steering arm is attached to the body of the car at one end, and the suspension at the other end. So it travels in an arc. When a rod with one anchored end travels in an arc, the effective length of the rod changes. This is what pulls on the wheel and makes it feel as though someone besides the driver is steering the thing.

I gotta come down one day and help you go through the jeep steering. your not too far from me. and i was working in whittier today.

You are correct the track bar should be solid

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