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pvcoach 08-30-2010 05:53 PM

Used AX-15 question
I just pick up a used ax-15 for my sons 92 yj with a 4.0l engine. After getting the transmission out of the jeep, I noticed that the end of the input shaft is bigger on the used tranny vs the tranny I pulled out of his yj. Can I still use the used tranny without the pilot bearing? If not, does anybody know what jeep this used tranny came out of so I can resell it?


4Jeepn 08-30-2010 05:55 PM

Might be an xj cherokee, what did the seller tell you?

uplifted 08-30-2010 06:30 PM

Read the Idendification section on this page.(link below). Second to last sentence talks about the difference.... All you need to to is use the correct pilot bushing..

The AX15 Transmission - Novak Conversions

pvcoach 08-31-2010 08:13 AM

I bought the used tranny from a guy who bought it on ebay. He needed a ax-5. I got it for a song. Thanks for the link. I'll send them an email today.

The tranny I took out will not shift into third. Thinking it's a bad syncro but I don't have the money to rebuild. I'm going to put in the shed and rebuild when I get the money so we have a spare.

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