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fermilance 09-01-2010 05:47 PM

98 Wrnagler is pooping out.
Hey all,

I have 98 Wrangler and about a week ago it started to get a little temperamental when I was at freeway speeds and climbing hills. It has a virgin 4.0 with 180k on it. everything was good till now.
Over the last week it would take just a little more accelerator to get up to speed and climb hills. Now whatever was going out has gone out. It idles fine but as you drive off and accelerate it kinda bogs down. As you give it more gas it sounds like it is getting to much air with a real throaty growl, but I cant get any speed out of it. I pulled the exhaust to see if the cat has blown out but still have the issue.
You think maybe this is a crankshaft position sensor gone out and if so would it gradually go out over a week or two?
Any ideas would be great.

rrich 09-01-2010 06:18 PM

It's very doubtful.

Check the ignition - plugs, cap, etc. Look for grayish smoke marks where it's been jumping to ground - especially the coil wire.

Try pulling a plug wire at a plug, put a Phillips head screwdriver in the wire boot, hold it next to ground while someone starts it - to check the spark.

It should be a bright crispy blue, if it's orange or red - replace the coil.

fermilance 09-01-2010 08:31 PM

Thanks rrich, but it was the cat. Pulled the muffler and tip, then busted out the honeycomb. All the power came back. It's a little loud but it will get me by till the new cat and head pipe comes in.

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