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jeeptester 09-09-2010 07:20 PM

no fire no fuel signal
Ok I'm still working on the 2.5 engine overhaul 1997 TJ and I cant get a fuel or fire signal from the computer.

I had this on another thread but it was not on its own thread. It was .

Things done.

Purchased Jeep not running
Engine was only partially installed
Removed engine and overhauled it, new pistons decked and bored out .010 head reworked. Put all together and I did a compression check 150 psi on all 4 cly.
It has a new wiring harness complete all three sections
I purchased a new crank sensor from AutoZone and it made no diff. I checked the ohms on the crank sensor and it was in spec.
I got a code checked from autozone and it shows no check engine codes

I have a noid light pulled into the harness and a spark plug laying on engine, no spark and no noid light.

Iím at the point of ordering a new ECU, because nothing left I can think of.

Someone on the other thread said to check the cam sensor in the distributor. Just I donít know how you can check it.

I was just looking over the engine and I was wondering if the distributor is like 180deg out of time would it cause the above condition?

jeeptester 09-12-2010 09:46 AM

I took the distributor out and confirmed it was installed correctly (just one last shot)

Ok screw it! I'm considering giving up on 2.5 , Does anyone want to buy a completly overhauled 2.5 and confirmed 150 psi each cly?

I just know the ECU is not it! My luck is after buying the $250.00 ecu it would still not fire, then I would have two ecu's.

So If I can sell the 2.5 I will go the v8 maybe the 5.3 direction with holly carb


jeeptester 09-22-2010 11:11 PM

I LIVES LOL :) I figured i had gone this far so I ordered the ecu, It fired right up just barly turning key. Now install radiator,check brakes, and other stuff. Who knows I might take the "Green Lake Monster" to Turkey Bay this weekend. Oh, maybe take trailer too LOL

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