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supernova1021 09-11-2010 07:19 PM

01 Sahara rough idle, dying and then not starting..
So my first post!! Glad to be here.

Just bought a 2001 Sahara with a Auto 4.0 with about 119K miles on it. It is in great shape and was owned by an older couple who mainly pulled it behind a RV.

Anyhow, test drove it ALL DAY before I bought it. The next day I was going on about a 200 mile road trip and sure enough when I was driving to the interstate I noticed it idling a little rough. Slowing for traffic at a red light and it dies. Have to sit like a fool trying to get it started for about five minutes and it finally does. Decide to get some Chemtool to add to the tank so I do and I leave for my road trip. Every so often on the interstate I can feel it idling rough. Stop at another gas station and as soon as I pull it, it dies.

Have to sit for another five minutes or longer trying to get it started. It does and I get to where I am going. I kill the engine and attempt to start it again several times. It wont start. I had to let it sit for a good fifteen minutes before it would start again but it finally did and seems to still be idling rough.

So, fuel pump, fuel filter or what do yall think? The dealership I bought it from will fix whatever it is on Monday (they said they would anyway) but I want to learn more about what it could be...

supernova1021 09-11-2010 07:47 PM

Crankshaft position sensor sounds like the problem after I did some research. Like I should have done before....:)

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