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mswilder 02-22-2007 12:28 PM

what a wonderful day!!!!!
Here in beautiful Hot Spring AR, it is about 70degrees, so I went topless today, and probly will for the rest of the weekend. So for thoughs of you that still either have snow or its just to cold to take your top off, my next ride is for you!!!:D :flipoff: :D see you in the summer when its finally warm enough to take the top off for good!

OHHH by the way something funny on this, i am 4-5 for jeep waves today. its funny how when i have my top down and every body that has a hard top will wave. The only person that didnt was someone in an 07 with a softtop that was down. Stupid posers in 07's.

amy 02-22-2007 12:37 PM

Sounds like a good time. :D
It's snowing here in eastern Washington. We had about a week of spring type weather. I was really hoping winter was done for the year. Hopefully, this cold spell is winter's last gasp for the season.

I was stopped at an intersection, waiting to cross 6 lanes of traffic. On the other side of the intersection, a yellow jeep was waiting too. Once we got the green light, the guy rolled down his window and leaned half his body out to wave at me, huge grin on his face. Of course, I waved back just as enthusiastically. :D

dj_chizzle 02-22-2007 02:33 PM

mswilder you're so lucky to be able to put your top down :)

speaking of jeep sightings, this morning on my very short commute to work (10 minutes) i came across no less than 9 jeeps! no waves though :(

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